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We offer clients an amazing natural process for maintaining balance between outer wealth and InnerWealth. The 30 Day Challenge, leadership coaching and corporate training events give process for adapting Innerwealth including outcomes of success, achievement, happiness and satisfaction. Energy that’s so important to quality of life. InnerWealth is also an amazing natural process for life mastery packed with answers to your biggest questions in life. If you’re trying to get the benefits of thousands of years of wisdom distilled through 35 years of trial and error, then Chris is your professional coach. You can easily get the Wisdom, Resilience, Peace of Mind and Inspiration you need with Innerwealth!

Unique Solutions

Australia’s and probably the world’s leader in holistic human development Chris Walker seeks out the deepest experience of human nature so that personal growth at work is sustainable across all seven areas of life. Read more here…

Unique Technology

A fight against nature cannot be won. Nature’s universal laws, laws that Chris has distilled through trial and error in the study of thousands of years of wisdom means that his unique guidance and advice is 100% on target and accurate.

Unique Approach

You own it. It’s portable and it’s inside of you. It affects your productivity, your health, your happiness. It affects your relationship, your friendships, your children and your P&L at work. If you tap it, there’s no stopping you, if you don’t then it’s all just hard work and struggle. Chris guides you to it.

As I mentioned, one person I have used for some time as a sounding board, life coach and career development is Chris Walker – ex engineer, entrepreneur and life coach master who has made and lost millions, written loads of books, led 10s of groups into Nepal, spent serious time in Zen in the Himalayas, and worked all over the world including with indigenous communities in Canada. Suffice to say he is not your normal life coach 😊 Anyway, if you are open to a challenging conversation around your path, then I recommend you reach out to him..

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