What does love mean to you?

That is a question we all need to ask ourselves. What does love mean to us? I mean, rhetoric is easy isn’t it. “I love my family” or “I love golf” or “I love life.” but what does that mean in real life?

You might say “I love you” and then do everything in your power to try to change me. That must be a weird sort of love. We say “I love my work” and then it stresses us and we spend too many hours doing what could be done so easily if we were just honest.

We say “I love my children” and yet we are tired for them, busy for them, say that we’re working hard for them, which is, in a way a lie. So, that’s a weird sort of love.

If you sit under a tree and stop, just for a few moments it may remind you about what you really mean when you say “I love.” It may remind you that love is not an action.