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botMany people come to personal change with an idea to fixing what’s broken and then getting back on deck. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way, which is why self help has deservedly earned itself a bad reputation. Imagine a house on fire.The owner yells out, the front room is on fire so everyone focusses on the front room. When the fire in the front room is under control they all realise the rest of the house burned down around them. Therapist, personal coached, psychologists, yoga teacher are all too dumb to see that what they fix in one aspect of a person’s life, triggers a problem in another. Get fit and maybe you get lonely. Get wealthy and maybe you get empty. Get spiritual and maybe you get depressed. The links are conspicuous to those who open their eyes and the cost of a doctor handing out a prescription and not examining the other dimensions of a person’s life is just unacceptable. Now I’m introducing you to an ancient awareness, it’s been around for thousands of years, but forgotten in the rush to sell books.



To love life is to love all of life, not just someone, or something. We can’t love one person and hate another. So love is a lifestyle. It means to create a mindset, a way, a quality of life that embraces for four key aspects never before combined to create an impenetrable self sufficiency, a confidence, a real spirit that you carry with you from birth to death.

You know, whether I’m in the Himalayas guiding a group up to Mt Everest Base Camp or somewhere nearby, consulting to a business venture, helping someone to skyrocket their career or mending family relationships, there are some core ingredients that are universal across all challenges. First, and foremost is time out. If we don’t know how to chill, I mean be alone and happy with that, we’re going to have unnecessary challenges. Second, if it’s not coming from 100% heart, then it’s ego and that’s a lot of turmoil for very little result. Finally, and most importantly, a realistic expectation makes the journey a much smoother and enjoyable ride. These are just a few of the outcomes i’ve created in the Back on Track 30 Day Boot Camp. It’s not easy, but it’s easier than struggling with life for years or even months.




The measure of your gratitude in life is reflected most clearly in your work. In the East, wanting what we’ve got is wiser than wanting what we haven’t got. In the West this swings. So the key here is how do you remain thankful on the inside so your communication is inspiring and gratuitous while maintaining the ambition and desire for improvement on the outside. I will show you exactly how to do this.


Inspired by what? Inspired on the inside? Inspiration is defined as your inner voice. Some call it your intuition but inspiration is a far more reliable measure of your inner dialogue than your intuition or emotions. Inspiration is when the inner voice speaks louder than the outer and if you are tired, depressed, exhausted, emotional, confused, then the outer has taken over the ship, the lunatics are running the asylum – I’ll show you how to clear the fog and get back in the drivers seat of your life if and when that happens.


There are seven areas of life and so, there are seven visions. Each vision is inspired. Each vision needs focus, however, not all visions are born equal. You have a hierarchy of visions and each takes its place, however, ignore one at your peril. You will be doing a vision session and creating a unique seven layer vision statement of total heart driven clarity for the future. This forms the foundation of your be, do have list.


We sabotage anything we can’t link to our purpose in life. That’s not so important when we’re younger but there are systems set up to enforce engagement in business’ and therefore if one part of you hates the work and another part of you has no choice other than to be engaged in it, then there’s an internal conflict going to be ramping up inside you, that’s not going to end well. Instead, it might be a wiser strategy to learn how to link what you do to your purpose which has the ultimate end goal of keeping you enthusiastic, irrespective of the work and people around you. It’s sort of like empowerment but much better
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