Spirituality at Work

What exactly is spirituality?

It is your true nature, or more clearly, your state of mind.

What impacts your spirituality at work?

  • Your health.
  • Your nervous system
  • Your inner state or mood
  • Your thoughts and judgements about others
  • Your vision and sense of meaning
  • Your relationships at home
  • Your financial security

Does your spirituality at work impact your performance at work?

It is hard to say yes, but yes. Ultimately, it’s hard to do good if you don’t feel good and all the elements of spirituality can make your life feel bad. If they work in harmony, those elements mean you feel inspired. Nobody doubts that feeling inspired is linked to high levels of work performance.

If I could name three simple things you could do to enhance your spirituality at work, what would they be?

  1. Get plenty of sleep … it’s the single most common cause of things going wrong.
  2. Eat well and look after your health … health gone, all gone.
  3. Get up early and create a ritual to appreciate what you’ve got.
  4. Oh, and a forth is – have a really really really strong grip on your vision, inspiration and purpose (it keeps you afloat)

Anything else?

Yes, we grow in cycles. What worked to help you bring spirituality to work last month will be inadequate next month. Add, grow and evolve your process weekly.





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