My closing thoughts for 2015 – and opening thoughts for 2016

I’ve been wracking my brain trying to work out what I’d write in my weekly blog to close out 2015. I’ve made up my mind and here it is.
It’s about good people doing dumb things.

I know it’s a bit negative but I just felt compelled to say it because it’s on the rise. Book after book is saying that we’re in good times, Africa is being cared for and so people aren’t dying from illness. War is localised and those who measure global wellness are drinking champagne because for them, the statistics show there’s a shift. But I’m not as happy as them.

Stress is going into families. It’s being hidden. Corporate HR departments are lying. People are getting shafted and adapting so they think it’s normal. There are even some money hungry keynote speakers with the delusional banner of “thought leader” who get hired to sell the myth. It’s a corruption of human life.
Work hard and dumb or enjoy work but do it smart, that’s the question…
On the one hand there’s the seduction of jobs where you play pool and mess around under the banner of happy people do great work. Then there’s the rest. Under the pump, working for bosses who are under the pump, who work for companies that are under the pump. All those people who are under the pump bring shit home. They bring home stuff and wash it off all over the family.
Compensation is the word of 2015. People trying to compensate for lost time, lost soul, lost love, lost opportunity but being paid enough to justify it.
The only mirror we can hold up to ourselves is love. How much do we give? It’s not the same as what we feel. We can feel love and think that’s perfect right up until the divorce. We can love our children and yet watch them be obese or nasty – it’s not what we feel that matters.
For 2016 ask yourself “how much love can I give?” And what might get in the way? Like stress, long hours, over doing it, bad moods, come on. Stop – hold the mirror closer, make 2016 a soul year, give more love. In the end you’ll be richer, more wealthy and healthy – and so will those you love.

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