It’s a great time to review the past year.Do it with a VIP score right now.  But there are a few important insights about doing it I feel now is a good time to recount.

  1. First, do your vip score on a chart like this one

vip score blue

2. You will end up with a diagram like this one:


3. Then ask yourself “WHAT COULD I DO TO IMPROVE THOSE VIP SCORES to 10/10  IN 2016. This sets some nice goals and you can add them to your VIP Vision process – demonstrated in a previous post.

Vision Sheet


4. Now comes the important part. You need to “GO INSIDE” and find your heart and soul now. Your heart and soul are grateful for what is. For this part of you, nothing can be missing. Your VIP score measures the ever more important outside, emotional, material and mental aspects of life. It has measures of fulfilment based on perceptions of enough and not enough. But your heart and soul, so often ignored in the Western world, is simply abundant. No matter what you think is missing on the outside, this cannot be allowed to translate to the inside. You need to remain fully abundant internally. This is the “I” in VIP. Inspiration. The way you achieve it is with the statement “NOTHING IS EVER MISSING IN NATURE, IT JUST CHANGES FORM.” Lets say you are single, and you say “my vision score for 2015 was 5 because I didn’t have a relationship” so you set some relationship goals for 2016 including finding a partner. That’s the outside and important. But the inside doesn’t beat to that drum. The inside says “Nothing was missing just changed form so what was the form of my relationship last year, given it can’t be missing” That person would find friends, porno, fantasy, a pet, internet, tv and food possibly all of those replacing some fragment of their “missing relationship.”

This heart and soul component is often missing in Western mindsets because we are taught to always improve, always set new heights, always grow and expand and do better. This is fabulous. However, if this external expansion turns us into robotic and critical human beings – the it is, in my opinion, a sad result. So, go around your VIP score for 2015 and ask “If nothing is missing just changes form, and I’ve scored a 5 in that area, what was missing in my perception, and where was it in a different form?”

This is how you remain a human being living in a spiritual world. Because if life and you and work aren’t perfect already, then they can never be.

With Spirit