You are a powerhouse of energy. As you’ve learnt so far, you can use it or squander it. Squandering energy leads to depression, business stress, overwork, relationship exhaustion and personal burnout. Another name for this would be “the death of the soul.” It may seem like squandering energy on lower priorities in your life might be fun, but in the end, those wastes bite you. They bite you emotionally in terms of your self worth and they bite you spiritually in terms of your vision, inspiration and purpose. Once you’re bitten it’s hard to recover from it, but you can.

Vision Sheet

There are two things you can do to help focus your energy. The first is to know your personal values – or in simpler language – your priorities because if you work on low priorities with your energy you’ll truly be miserable. The second thing you can do is to target your energy on your vision for the year. This is not a cell in a prison – simply it’s a commitment that you are free to break or not break. No one in the world will care if you break or don’t break your commitment, maybe including you, but it’s nice to know whether you’re on track with the manifestation part of life isn’t it?

Here’s a great format for your VIP … Simply fill out the sheet attached – (or make your own on a larger sheet of board) the circles are divided into eight areas – Spiritual, mental, financial, social, relationship, family, career, health. In each area of life you have three questions and those are: If you couldn’t fail, what would you love to be, do, and have. The have area is material things… And I’d recommend putting a $ value on those so that at the end of the process you’ll see how much $ you need to raise in order to be and do your visions. Those $ dollar amounts can also form part of your goals and coaching for the following year.

I also love to cut out or look up pictures from magazines to give visual representation of what you’ve written as your VIP. Those become a dream board and sit as a visual reminder as a screen saver or wall chart of what you’ve written here.

Please enjoy doing this. If you, like me, want to bring more love into this world, just remember it starts with you doing a VIP and realising how much energy you can use to generate what you’d love because you can’t give what you haven’t got.

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