INSPIRATION – Go Inside and Find it

It may be the best friend you’ve ever got. It’ll never betray you, it’s always with you in good times and bad. It’s unconditional. It has your back. It believes in you 1,000%. It isn’t defeatable. Is kind to others. There’s no doubt about it. It’s proactive. It’s got its eye firmly on the future. It’s never distracted. Can’t be destroyed. Lives after you die. And is supremely, undoubtedly, unmistakably the most sexy, attractive, beautiful, romantic and magnetic part of your total being. INSPIRATION.


So how do you tap it?

People try lots of ways. They meditate and that works sometimes. They go on holiday and that works sometimes. They have romantic interludes, and that works for a while. And, they go to religious venues, church, temple etc and that works while you’re inside the boundaries of the building. I’m more interested in a permanent, sustainable, non denominational, unconditional presence of inspiration in life. I mean why live without it if you don’t have to?

When we live without inspiration, work becomes work.  I mean, that sounds dumb, but work isn’t work. Work is a million things more than work. If you were a slave, work still isn’t work. It would be a way of survival. Not too many of us here reading this are slaves. Or so we might think:

When inspiration becomes a lottery, i.e. meditation, yoga, temples, lovers, grog, etc then in between those glorious moments of truth, there’s a bun fight going on. I mean, what handle do we hold onto on the roller coaster of work life when we’re not inspired? But from time to time work will kick you in the guts. It’s not all roses. Clients get ticked off and so do others. Sometimes you miss budget and when you are young you rebound because the motivation is strong. But you grow wisdom over the years and when you get to 40 or 50, the motivation is different, hence kicks in the guts from work can really hurt. Sometimes that awareness turns you into a “fair weather sailor.” I.e a person who only enjoys their work when it’s sunny, positive, winning, successful, on top, and all good.

That’s a dangerous place to be. It makes you weak, dependent, vulnerable and worst of all, puts your domestic relationship way under the pump. This explanation is too deep for me to fully explore here but in a few words: life is balanced, support and challenge, and if you hunt for support at work, fair weather sailor, you’ll cop the balance at home. Not only that, but the ideal of an all upside work life breeds the same ideal at home which, is basic relationship suicide. False expectations block love.


Go inside and find your true nature. There are three elements to your true nature.

Vision – the seven dreams you’d love to cause in the future sometime

Inspiration – the marvellous observation of the miracle of life right now (appreciation for what you’ve got)

Purpose – a way to get over yourself.


If you meet someone you’ve never met before what do you want to know about them? You want to know where they are going. The more desperate you or they are, the shorter the time frame of the answer will be required. Like if it’s life and death, you want to know where they are going in the next few seconds.


The most toxic epidemic that has replace malaria and polio on earth, with far more dire consequences, is MOREISM. It’s the mindset to want what we haven’t got. This mindset is bred in children from a young age. We do it subconsciously. Like a boss who is always finding opportunity to improve. It’s fantastic on one end of the economic scale, but it’s poison on the other. Maybe a business entrepreneur is successful because she wants what she hasn’t got. It drives her. But if she comes home and wants what she hasn’t got, she becomes that awful disgruntled lover who is obsessed with changing, fixing or improving their family, lover or friends – and that’s really dark. Wanting what you’ve got is the antidote to that darkness whether it’s at work for a break, a rewarding moment with a team member or the culture of your home. If you are genuine about living a lifestyle of love, at least at home and in private moments at work, then inspiration, “I need nothing, I want nothing, and therefore I have everything” must become your mantra.


So, observe the contradiction: Vision is striving for what you want… Ie what you haven’t got. Inspiration is striving to appreciate things the way they are, to want what you’ve got. Can you see the heart and mind arguing and causing internal conflict? On one hand – driven to create, on the other hand completely not driven to anything other than appreciating the miracle of life as it is?

The solution, a Purpose greater than you.

If you work for a purpose bigger than work – then that can never kick you in the guts because there’s no end to how much you can do of it. It’s not a reward feedback loop.

That’s the beautiful essence of a purpose greater than self. You have a magnet for both inner inspiration and outer vision to intersect and work in harmony with each other.

Purpose saves you time too. If you’re sad, lonely, exhausted, angry, frustrated, jealous, confused, bitter or twisted about something, you’re wasting your life. And purpose alleviates all that.

Purpose means:

  1. Deal with, experience emotions but never be distracted by them
  2. Work, work but link that work to a purpose greater than you
  3. Love, love, but link that love to a purpose greater than you
  4. Life, live, love life… Vision, Inspiration and Purpose.


Happy New Year




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