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1. Be Totally Inspired

It’s not easy to be totally inspired. What it needs is the ability to Let Go instantaneously of anything that you judge. That’s it. If you can process your judgements, about good and bad, you can turn up, inspired. I will show you a spectacular method that is based on universal laws to cut through any judgement and move it to love.

2. Have Superb Health

It’s really hard to do good if you don’t feel good. No doubt you are aware of this. We need energy, vitality, health, inside and out. We need to detox when we let go. To stay inspired produces acid and this in turn needs to be flushed out in simple weekly exercises. I’ll show you how to have superb health, manage your weight, have cardio fitness way below your age and enjoy all the good things life has to offer. It’s simple as long as we don’t spend half our life undoing things that aren’t good for us.

3. Huge Heart Space

You can’t give what you haven’t got and in life and love, depending on another human being to open your heart to love is just plain suicide for relationships. You’ve got work to do outside your relationship to feel that love. You are the environment you create. We are not talking about save the whales, we are talking about the space you create, the energy you put into things, the way you present yourself, the way your home is decorated, your office, your shoes, and of course, your connection to the universe, nature and beyond. The space in which you work and live is a critical component of your ability to communicate to others the quality of life you have chosen.  Do not underestimate the value of environment as a communication tool. As important as your company brand, more important than your words, more important than your results. Your environment talks about you and tells the deepest truth.

4. Work Smart

If nothing changes, nothing changes – and this applies to home, work and personal spaces.,.The two most toxic words in the world are Work, Life, Balance (actually three). Balancing work with life is like taking poison and then running home for the antidote. Can you imagine a dumber idea? Instead, try this: Work Work Balance. Yes, a balanced person is balanced at work. Balanced at home. They stopped doing the rebound idea and took up the amazing notion that balanced thinking causes balanced living. I’ll show you how. I’ll even show you nature based exercise and meditation process that help to get you outdoors more often at work and change your energy. If you come home from work with less energy than you left with in the morning – call it spousal abuse, because that’s exactly how they feel.

5. VISION With Purpose

Inside every human heart there is a dream. It is called the human spirit. When you have clarity about the future that spirit flies and your relationships thrive. When you have no clarity about the future, your relationship dies no matter how much money and time you throw at it. But clarity about the future is not a mathematical goal setting model about being someone, doing something or having anything. Vision with purpose means G.I.V.E – Gratitude for what you’ve got, Inspired about where you are. Visionary about where you’re going and Enthusiastic about the link between what you are doing right now (inspiration) – where you are going (vision) and a link to a purpose on earth greater than you. This is heart speak and I insist on hearing it from you before our 30 days are done.

6. REAL Self Knowledge

When someone says “who are you? do they mean “male or female?” or do they mean “how do you define yourself. The larger your definition of self, the larger your answer to that question will be. There are four questions of REAL Self Knowledge: Who are you? Where are you going? Why are you here? Where did you come from? The larger your answers, the larger your life. The larger your answers the less you will be disturbed by the small stuff. I’m going to encourage you to Know Yourself beyond these earthly limits and consider yourself a spiritual being having a human experience rather than the other way around. This is the key to change, to reconsider the answer to those four questions and whoever has the most certainty of those four, leads.


  1. This is pretty amazing! I’m glad I found your blog.
    I love this bit – “Vision with purpose means G.I.V.E.”, and its explanation!
    Thank you, Vilina

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