Living Real, Being In Love, and Working Life with Purpose “

“LIVE LOVE LIFE – I can’t think of three more perfect words to describe the real mission of living life fully. It’s about Living Real, Being In Love, and Working Life with Purpose “


There are no accidents. You are where you are because you made a series of choices. If you made different choices you’d be in a different place. If you’d saved $5 a day you’d be quite wealthy by the time you’re 90. Some people spend the $5 on coffee or wine, or tennis lessons. There are no accidents – and there’s a good reason to believe this.

There’s a miracle taking place in the world. Trees grow. I mean, just that alone is a miracle if you think about it. It rains, that’s a miracle too that water goes up in vapour and comes down again in rain. It’s truly our whole world problem right now, we’re taking so much for granted and therefore we think there are accidents. There are no accidents.

You meet someone and fall in love. Is that an accident? Well, you have to be open, they have to be open. So, no that’s not an accident. It’s a part of nature’s eternal design to propagate the specie. Then you separate. Is that an accident? No there are no accidents. If you trace your behaviour back and see how you acted in that relationship you can say clearly “there are no accidents, I wanted it to finish.”

Then of course, there are emotions. Emotions say “there are accidents and it’s not my fault and there are victims and it’s not their fault and I didn’t want to break up but they dumped me.” This is understandable because we don’t know our true self very well do we? I mean, when everything is going our way why would we even discuss the topic of accidents or not. And when we’re stressed, we don’t want to know about ideas like “there are no accidents” because we feel pressured to take control of things.

But there are no accidents.

Everything “bad” that happens to you causes you to change something. What you were before the “bad” was one thing and you might have been proud of that. You might have said to all your friends “I’m an athlete” or “I’m getting married” Or “I’ve got a powerful job” or “I’m a great parent” – you see those are your current realities and when something “bad” happens you might say “there’s been an accident and I am no longer what I was proud of.” You might even say “I hate who I’ve become” which can be understandable because very often you become what you judged in one of your parents or someone close. You say “I’ve become a non athlete” or “I’ve become eternally single” or “nobody wants to marry me” or “I’m a business or career failure, a looser.”

One thing for sure. There are no accidents. The “Bad” event always causes you to become what you most feared. If you fear being “a loser” then the accident turned you into one. If you feared being single or powerless or a bad parent, your “bad” accident created that fear into a reality. If you fear failure, your “bad” accident caused it.

Is all this so random? This connection between your fear, your judgement, and your “accident” isn’t it a bit ironic?

Take another situation. You say “I judge x,y,z in people” which obviously means you judge x,y,z, in yourself. Then you get in a relationship where somebody is watching you 24/7 and you do x,y,z. Then you begin to hate that partner because they saw you do x,y,z and nobody else did. You start thinking “is this person right for me?” But is all that an accident or nature’s very perfect and predictable design. If I say that “what you judge in others you create in your children, attract in your partner or become” you might just begin to think that the reason you found your partner unattractive is because they saw or see something you in that you judge with shame as unattractive. Is nature trying to teach you to love yourself?

Now, lets talk about that accident where you’re driving your car and boom. It wasn’t your fault but some ass ran into you. Surely that was an accident?  For you, fighting for insurance compensation that might be a wise stance, to blame the other driver and get your compensation payout. But that’s human law, and it works differently to nature’s universal law. In nature’s universal law, everything has a purpose, everything. So, in nature’s universal law you would ask “what was I doing to cause that?” Again, this is not a legal argument, it’s a soul based examination. “What was I doing to cause that because nobody does to me more than I do to myself.” Was I going somewhere I didn’t want to be? Was I thinking about something other than being in a car right this moment? Was I worried about the future and not wanting to go there? You’ll find it.

Being a victim is a handsome opportunity. It separates you legally from the situation. It makes people feel sorry for you. It gets attention. It makes the other person feel bad (sometimes) and it makes you feel RIGHT. It’s all very understandable and logical. Why wouldn’t we be a victim? Well the answer is this:

If you didn’t cause the problem you can’t fix the problem. You can’t guarantee that it won’t happen again. If you caused the problem you can change something and then the problem won’t happen again. Recently a young boy got abducted and murdered. His parents continue to fight for awareness of these sorts of dangers. But what was the cause of the “accident.” Was it the presence of a criminal who was out on bail and should therefore have been locked up? Or was it parents who were too busy mowing lawns and feeding chickens to take their son to the shops which means he had to walk etc? So was it an accident or was this the result of a series of actions?

The key here is to recognise that you are where you are in life – not by accident, but by design. This is where you are meant to be, this is what you are meant to be dealing with. This is what you are creating. There’s no need to be a victim. And more so, there’s a really good chance that there’s something to be thankful for right now, in this situation, the situation you might say is an accident, but isn’t.

So, LIVE LOVE LIFE means that you are at the helm.


At a funeral. Did he live a good life? Did she live a good life? Well you’d have to ask them. Because only we can determine if we lived a good life. That requires a bit of thinking. What would a good life look like for you? Travel, theatre, overweight, tired, wealthy, driving a fancy car, owning your own home? What would a good life look like? That’s the purpose of doodling with your vip – vision process. The question of what you want in life and when and who and how… they’re all great because they add up to the answer “did you have a good life?” What you must remember is that even if you got everything you wanted you’d naturally want more. So, having a good life, getting what you want, doesn’t mean you are happy.


Most people think that they have to own things in order to be in love. Like if they break up with a partner they can’t love them anymore. Or if someone isn’t nice, they should stop loving them. This is the opposite to the truth. Love is what sets people free. If you love someone you free them. So, when it’s time to say goodbye, it’s time to love someone more. If you were at your own funeral and they asked “did he or she have a lot of love in their life?” I hope the answer is wow yes. Even if you were single the whole of your life. Love is not a relationship. Love is a lifestyle. One must not pin everything on one thing, one person. That is not love, it is cowardice, fear, cold hearted dependancy. Love is the opposite to this.


It starts, it finishes. It starts again and it finishes again. Life is more than things. Life is more than love. Life is more than living. Life is more. Life is eternal. One must remember this. Life has meaning. A meaning greater than holidays or relationships. Life has a history far longer than time. Life has a future far further than hope or dreams or next month. Life is eternal. And life is finite, because in every quasar there is movement and therefore LIFE. LIFE is not just the footy or dinner parties or babies or jobs, those are LIVING, but life is more. Life is purpose, beyond self. A really really big picture.

 Romain Rolland (January 29, 1866–December 30, 1944)

Appealing equally to spirit and reason — curiously, the original French title was Déclaration de l’indépendance de l’Esprit, but its English translation replaced “spirit” with “mind” — and to the unshakable longing for justice and equality buried in every human soul, Rolland exhorts:

Arise! Let us free the Mind from these compromises, these humiliating alliances, this hidden subservience! The Mind is the servant of no man. We are the Mind’s servants. We have no other master. We are created to carry and to defend its light, to rally around it all men who are lost. Our role, our duty is to maintain a fixed point, to show the pole star amidst the storm of passions in the darkness. Among these passions of pride and mutual destructions, we do not single out any one, we reject them all. We commit ourselves never to serve anything but the free Truth that has no frontiers and no limits and is without prejudice against races or castes. Of course, we do not dissociate ourselves from Humanity. We toil for it — but for all humanity. We do not recognize peoples — we acknowledge the People — unique and universal — the People who suffer, who struggle, who fall and rise again, and who always advance along the rugged road that is drenched with their sweat and their blood. We recognize the People among all men who are all equally our brothers. And so that they may become, like us, ever more conscious of this brotherhood, we raise above their blind struggles the Arch of Alliance — the free Mind that is one, manifold, eternal.



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