Are You Inspired? Is Your Relationship Inspired?

It’s not hard to be totally inspired. Inspired means that you can do the following:

​1. See the two sides of things and therefore not stay in a lopsided thought (emotion) of more than a minute.
2. Your body doesn’t distract you with either pain or the hunt for pleasure.
3. The space around you is conducive to affirmative action toward a specific goal
4. You think about, work on, worry about, focus on – your top two priorities in your life
5. You have absolute certainty of these four questions: Where am I going? Why am I here? Who am I? Where do I come from? In fact you have so much certainty that you are continually willing to adapt the answers.
6. You are a good friend to yourself by speaking encouragement and building your Innerwealth… knowing that nobody can do to you more than you do to yourself.

It’s not so difficult, is it?

When one thing changes in our life, everything changes. When one area gets stuck all areas get toxic. So when it’s time to move forward, evolve, through a challenge, disaster or stress, we must approach this shift with fresh eyes, a new ambition a clear letting go. So, this Back on Track, designed by Chris Walker is an exclusive process that utilises both Eastern sciences of mindfulness, meditation, yoga and stillness with Western genius of vision, inspiration and purpose to put traction on the road for those who may have been wheel spinning in the mud for some time. Whether it’s getting your life back on track from a changed relationship situation or from a challenge at work, this process will help you completely clear the waters and set yourself happy and content, confident and empowered without anger, on your future course.

Your past dictates your future. The only way to create a new future is to embrace the past with loving eyes. If you hate someone, judge someone or wish someone ill from the past, they’ll re appear in your future as someone you breed, attract in a partner or boss, or, most likely, you become. Feeling sick? If you want a new career, or new relationship, best you deal with all your unfinished business from the last job / partner before it comes back to bite you in the butt.

Oh, I caught the flu. Oh I feel stiff in the back. I’ll take some panadol. How totally suicidal we’ve all become! I mean, the body operates between health and disease, so maybe, being crook is as important as being not. The body and the mind are one. They actually can’t work out where one starts and the other ends. If we get crook and then get over it without some amazing realisations about our thinking, vision, lifestyle, anger, frustrations, we missed gold.
We are the environment we create. Same environment, same you. You change your mind (discard) bodymind (cellular) but leave the environment untouched you are definitely going to revert. Environment dictates thinking. It’s inescapable unless you meditate in a cave for a thousand years. You are your environment. So, if you want to make change at home or at work, it’s definitely time for a huge shift of stuff.

You can’t live long off track because your values won’t let you. Your values dictate your choices. “hey, would you like a bucket of icecream or $299 cash?” answer? depends on your values. A billionaire who is depressed will take the ice cream. Life is a series of little tiny choices and if you go against your values enough, you’ll sabotage what you’re doing. That’s nature. So, know your values and if you do have to compromise, know why.
You are your vision and the most dangerous vision you can have is the same one you had last year. That’s called death. If you aren’t growing you’re in the poop. Your vision means bigger and better, wiser and wider. Staying young means new vision. If you lose your legs, change your vision and go in a wheelchair race. Changing your vision, that’s vitality, spirituality, potentiality all in one word, Vision.

Imagine you have a coach in your ear 24 /7 and she’s rewarding and punishing you for your activities. “oh, you dickhead” or “hey babe that’s super enormous stuff.” And what if it’s all just mummy and daddy still saying what they think and you haven’t given yourself permission to have your own voice. Imagine what happens when you up you vision – the voice says “give me a break, not in a million years” and it’s dead. It’s time to get a grip on this little monkey in your head.
Fast, conscious, sustainable personal change