Want to Make 2016 Even More Special?

Happy New Year! I wanted to know if you are considering improving your life or your business to make this 2016 an even more special year.

Innerwealth provides a life improvement, vision setting and multi­channel quality of life approach by integrating how you feel, how you work, how you act and how you love into one focussed way of living. We introduce you to a process that converts intuitions and challenges into positive outcomes directed at the outcomes you set yourself for 2016, both inside and out.

Then, we’ll book you weekly phone appointments with highly engaging and relevant challenges so you do your life and business learning “Off Line” and not in the reality of life. You get to embed new habits “off line” because we set you a little homework exercise each week for our weekly calls and eventually close gaps in your life process so you hit your targets on time, every time. Of course, you are free to visit Bondi Beach if the call system needs a break from time to time.

If you or a friend have set yourself the goal to make 2016 an even better and more inspired year than 2015, now’s the time to consider Innerwealth Consulting. If you would benefit from this, how about a brief phone call to discuss in detail?  To arrange a chat, just use the contact email attached and let me know the best time to call.

Casual Consultation $600 +gst
Six Monthly                 $3700
Twelve Monthly         $6500