I would love you to read this article.


It demonstrates what we really want out of life.

All of us. Not just a few of us.

All people want what this drug provides.

Until the drug becomes commercial and safe, I can reassure you that the result of the drug is exactly what I am trying to help you achieve, naturally.

You might laugh at this idea. Many people do. But this quest for super connectivity to other human beings has been the pursuit of spiritual  teachers and guru’s since time began. The idea is that behind the masks we wear, we want pretty much the same thing.

1. To feel high
2. to feel loving
3. to feel friendly
4. to feel strongly connected to others.

It makes people feel closer. Which in spiritual terms is called unity or singularity. The sense that we are one and our differences are only measurable when we disconnect from our true nature.

Ironically, in the curse of this currently poisonous material there may be another way of saving time, effort and energy during your life that is currently wasted trying to achieve connection through all the wrong ways. Trying to achieve connection through the very paths that caused the disconnection in the first place.

We, Walker Power Hour … are not trying to add time and tasks to your day. We are trying to peel away the distractions that limit your connectivity to others, back to your true nature. It’s a matter of eliminating those things that waste our life, energy and time.

Those things might be:

Getting angry.
Weekend recovery
Bringing stress home
Working indoors all day
Always thinking – not taking moments for stillness in the day
Loving a partner more than life itself.
Gifts that carry an apology
Going ahead with something that’s already dead.
Continuing to do things, like meditation, relationships, jobs or fishing when the real benefit has come and gone.

Enjoy the article.



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