Power of Investment – Never Give 100%

A Master in the Art of Living

Draws no sharp distinction

Between their work and their play

Their labour and their leisure

Their minds and their bodies

Their education or their recreation.

They hardly know which is which.

They simply pursue their vision of excellence

Through whatever they are doing and

Leave others to determine

Whether they are working or playing.

To themselves, it always seems

As if they are doing both.

You have a job, some sort of job. You like your job or don’t like your job. Don’t blame the job. It’s definitely not the job. It’s not your boss. You are no victim. You can see the best in the worst or the opposite if you choose it.

Throw yourself at whatever you do with managed gusto. Never give 100%. The person who gives 100% is operating from a fight flight subliminal level of mind body. The only outcome from this is resentment, boredom and frustration.

Try to be cool. Try to hold your power, at least 10% held back. Be wise, never give 100%.

Nature evolves at the border or chaos and order. Or in human language support and challenge. The purpose of a relationship is not happiness, it’s evolving you, so, it’s support and challenge. The purpose of a good job is not to make you happy, it’s to support and challenge you. Whenever this equation goes out of balance, either by being really happy at work or home, then there’s a balancing effect takes place. If you are happy at home, work will be challenging. If you are happy at work home will be challenging. You may not like it, but that’s like not liking the fact that the sun comes up in the East.