Why Being In Nature Is A Key To Personal Power

Have you ever had that feeling that you just feel invincible? Well, studies show that this feeling comes just before a bout of depression. It seems “invincible” is not so powerful after all. Maybe because it’s hype, like a sugar high that eventually plummets into it’s opposite. I get that feeling sometimes when I’ve won something that previously seemed out of reach. It doesn’t last long though.

However, there are people who are addicted to that sense of invincibility. It becomes an addiction. Back when I was running my engineering business’ or travelling in Asia as a businessman, I suspect I was one such addict. It’s a sense of power like no other. On one hand you know you’re small fry relative to the stars, but on the other, much bigger than you ever dreamed you’d feel.

Power can be understood best when you lack it.

  1. We lack power when we are in pain: physical, mental or spiritual pain. When that pain gets big enough we would willingly give away all our power and possessions for that matter, to relieve it. So, pain is not a power place.
  2. Uncertainty is the second most vicious thief of power. That is not to say that certainty is powerful, but doubt, uncertainty, can make every breath a nightmare, breed anxiety and undermine good living. Yes, uncertainty is the cause of powerlessness.
  3. Hopelessness is the third but probably the most common cause of powerlessness. When we lose hope, we lose everything. Hope is the  base line of human power and it leads to more powerful emotions like: proactive, visionary, resilient, strong, committed and ambitious.


When we do a vision session we are building a brick fortress around our hopes. The irony of hope is that sometimes we don’t even articulate what we are hopeful of, and yet, if we lose hope of some outcome, we can really take a nose dive.

To make hope and visions bullet proof so that your power never becomes eroded it’s wise to articulate those hopes and dreams clearly. Then, it’s wise to interpret the way the world works so that no matter what happens, you can spin it and see your hopes being supported. Never lose hope.

Interpretation of What Goes on

Once there was a practice in a faraway corner of the universe that would truly transform sorrows into joy. It was called the universal laws of nature. Through the ages it travelled from one generation to the next, adapting to time and space until it reached the West.

When it comes to health, we Westerners put facts before myth: first we want to know whether the universal laws are true before we practice them. Then, if we have time left, we can explore those mystical realms from which they came. So we bring the practice into the lab and measure what we can measure. Fair enough, it’s a foreign product and we should be careful what we welcome into our culture.

Thanks to science the Western culture can confirm the benefits of this ancient method and release it from the lab into the high Street. Soon after, short moments of bliss spread from our lives driving is back to look for more.
Now, we want to know more about the most tangible universal laws. We want to know about the body and how it works and what we can do to make it better. We want to know about relationships and how to improve them. So we study create rules and instruct everything there is to know. As we try to recall everything with taught we start feeding the very thing we wanted to quiet: our noisy mind.

Slowly but surely, we stop experiencing the practice until we think we already know and don’t even have to experience it any more. We stop applying the universal laws and start taking life at face value. We suddenly start losing face in the universal laws, in an about face, we find ourselves complaining that the universal laws are not doing it for us any more.

So what if we could rediscover those magical moments of bliss where the mind was quiet? Suddenly from far away, the sound of a single syllable takes over. We start to resonate with universal awareness and the laws come back into our lives.

As we discover our innate wisdom, words become less relevant. Instructions turn tactile as they happen mostly through conversation and demonstration. This is the reality of the universal laws.

The teaching is not something that arrives when the teacher starts to talk, it lies already in the experience and the presence of the teacher who will correct our course if necessary. All of a sudden it doesn’t matter so much what you know about the universal laws but much more how you feel when you practice them.

The cold hard facts about the universal laws of nature start to run down the blackboard and evaporate into the humidity of life. Our body starts to remember what it already knows. Now we know longer perform the practice, it performs us.

What had been impossible in the confinement of instruction becomes possible inside the dripping walls of this magical awareness. The universal laws start one fault or by themselves with the coming together of so many different aspects of life into one universal awareness.

“I am lost” the mind complains as it searches for instruction in vain and in a last-ditch attempt to rule over the practice. “Follow me,” counters the body. “But just let us practice it for this is the way we practice, the universal laws.”

The noisy mind admits, “the universal laws can’t be instructed.” It is nothing but a spiritual experience that happens to reside in the body. Dormant within the body, it is reawakened. And usually, by meditation of a good non denominational nature.