​Wonder and Explore

Dear friend,

If you are an inspired, openhearted professional who wants contentment more often, to sustain balance more easily, to find a piece within you that is without compromise, then please take a few moments to read on.

Here is an amazing approach that works on touching what is already within you. It’s natural, it’s not philosophy, it’s already within you and therefore it takes almost no time to learn. It guarantees more inspired time (so better decisions and more efficient working time) it keeps your heart open in hell (so builds a stronger foundation for all of your life) and does not, in any way affect your beliefs, ambitions or values in life.

Happiness, feeling lucky, counting your blessings, staying on track and getting back on track are skills of being both a business success and a personal success, and both matter. If one has either without the other, it is not called success.

My offering is not academic. My offering to my clients is a chance to wonder and explore options, to test different ways of working and living that might add a piece or a peace, to the jigsaw puzzle we call life. My background is as an explorer, an adventurer and therefore I guide you to explore with a diverse experience. I have lived in ashrams, studied in universities, sat in zen and shared what I know in over 3,000 retreats in remote places like Bali (back in the old days), Bhutan, Namche Bazaar (near mt Everest), Mysore India, Prince Edward Island, Canada.

I know that people are different in nature. More open hearted, more creative, more inspired, more visionary, and more open minded. That’s the opportunity I bring. To get out, away, into nature, down at Bondi beach where I live or in Mexico where I travel, or Nepal my second home, or in your back yard.

What I did was to bring the spirit of the mountains back with me from 57 trips guiding people to the Himalayas of Nepal. I’ve helped people wonder and explore that spirit of the mountains in 30 adventures exploring the wilderness of Bali, over 60 retreats in the wilds of Canada and of course back home in Sydney at the Quarantine Station or Neilson Park with one of the world’s largest Pharmaceutical firms. It’s a simple offer “come wonder and explore” you don’t have to climb Mt Everest or even leave home, I’ll take you there in a phone session if that’s what it takes….You get to wonder and explore the spirit of the mountains and if you find something great, bring it home or to work with you.

Come visit by phone or in person, book a session for your team,  help you and others play with it, wonder and explore the spirit of the mountains… truly a gift. It’s a day, a weekend, a journey to the mountains themselves, a boat trip, or simply story and adventure in a class room, but most importantly the take home will be that you have wondered and explored outside your current reality. You’ll bring home something, some piece or peace of the spirit of the mountains.”


Chris Walker