Influencing others

I have spent a significant time talking about real all day life long meditation and its benefits to you and how you feel but are amazing and life changing. But one of the more important elements of walkachi is how it can enable us to impact others. It gives us the strength and courage, character and energy to make a real difference in the lives of other people and this is one of the responsibilities of a person who considers themselves to be a committed caring individual.

The thoughts that go through your mind are not isolated to your mind. A silent communication exists between people. Every thought that has crossed through a mind, every feeling that has passed through a heart, every word that was once spoken and perhaps never thought of again, and every action once committed and forgotten, is given a place, a life, and it continues to live on long after the event took place. Once given birth to, every thought, word, action or feeling takes on a life of its own. When we express a thought, the action takes only a moment, but the resonance lasts forever. And this is why meditation can be so important.

If a little pebble thrown into the sea stirs the water, but it is hard to comprehend the extent to which this ripple travels. Even a great ocean is influenced by a single stone. We may not be conscious of it, but a single ripple, given the right conditions, has the potential to build into a huge tidal wave. What we can see are only the tiny immediate circles that the pebble produces, but the vibrations, which it produced in the sea, reach much further.

That’s why when we lie to people they know. They may not want to know,  they might not even know that they know, but they know because all thoughts travel through the atmosphere into the minds of others especially those we are close to.

Similarly, the universe is like a sea; it is a sea made of the finest fluid. It ripples, flows and transports thought waves to infinite places. Our ears do not hear it and our minds do not know it, but it occurs just the same. Like a radio transmission, signals are sent, of course if no radio is listening, or they are tuned to other frequencies, the signal is not heard, but it exists and impacts the whole of existence.

Our thoughts affect everything and so we have a responsibility not only to those around us, but to ourselves. What we contribute to the creation of this earth is not limited by the material wealth we can offer; it extends to the very thoughts, feelings and the visions that we hold. This is expressed through our intent and attitude and therefore meditation does not finish at the cushion. If we are stupid enough to meditate for goodness and then stand up and spend the next 23 hours abusing our body, abusing our soul, abusing our mind, abusing others, abusing the environment then we are not meditating and we are corrupting our life because we are donating dark, dirty vibrations to the universal sea. We lock into this rich intent of our actions and thoughts when we begin to feel the deeper responsibilities to the world around us. We recognise and become accountable for the influence we have on others through non verbal communication. We realise that our intent and attitude can change the world.

When intent and attitude are not connected this is reflected as greed, anger, violence, jealousy, addictions to food, spirituality, sex and deceit. When intent and attitude are connected, compassion, love, kindness and generosity emerge, automatically.

Knowing this, you are invited to really meditate, but to do it all day. To become responsible for considering the intent of every thought you think, and the attitude for every feeling that passes through your mind and heart. There is never one moment of our life that is wasted. If we knew how to direct our thoughts with good intent and how to express our words with clear attitude, then we would communicate effectively and live with integrity between thought and action. We could create a perfect, harmonious atmosphere in our life, and for those around us.