Career Advancement – Business Success

Career Model

Over 200,000 studies have been done on the causation of career advancement. There is an ironic contradiction that can impress the value of impression, a non self satisfying behaviour, on reward and results.

  1. The work. Of all the variables that are most overrated “the work” itself rates highest. It seems that by targeting “what job I’m in” one has the impression that this alone, which causes most anxiety, can trigger career advancement. It’s shown to be the least sensitive.
  2. Inspiration. The key here is that you must feel a sense of engagement in what you do for your satisfaction on the job but it is, once again, highly over rated as a key consideration in advancement and performance at work. A most surprising result.
  3. Impression. Here’s the ground breaking research. It’s not so much how you feel but how you make others feel that determines the likelihood of success in a corporate career and in turn results. The ability to make others lives more pleasant, more rewarding and less stressful, (enjoyable) is by far the most sensitive and most challenging. One can often feel that the path to the top is best served in a more confrontational stand against those they work with. Simply it means, make your boss look good and you will too.
  4. Results tip the scales. So it seems that there are intrinsic and obvious links between self satisfaction, the job and performance but if you really want to focus on the variables that’ll get you what you want, maybe it’s best to deal with impression and results before worrying about the job and or inspiration. One might say, quite rightly they are all important.