In every heart there is a dream

Your past dictates your future. The only way to create a new future is to embrace the past with loving eyes. If you hate someone, judge someone or wish someone ill from the past, they’ll re appear in your future as someone you breed, attract in a partner or boss, or, most likely, you become. Feeling sick? If you want a new career, or new relationship, best you deal with all your unfinished business from the last job / partner before it comes back to bite you in the butt.

​In your heart there’s a dream. You may not usually articulate that dream, put it in words or even write it down, but it is there, everyday, every moment. When something happens in your life it either improves or wrecks that dream in your heart. A completely wrecked dream can even make us feel suicidal. So, those unspoken and rather broadly defined dreams are important. What is in your heart today asks the question “how’s your VIP score?” it’s the same question except I’ve managed to construct a mechanical way of exploring it. Firstly, because it shows you where you’re at and secondly, it shows where there can be some correction.

In nature everything evolves at the border of order and chaos. That means there must be a centreline around which things fluctuate, the border between order and chaos. This is true for everything in the universe. Including you. So what is the centreline around which things fluctuate in your life? If you make it your family then that centreline moves and that’s compounding the chaos. If you make it peace or religion that’s a theory, so it compounds the order and exaggerates  the chaos. Many people try to create a constant out of variables but I suggest that if it eats, breathes and talks, it’s unstable, and therefore unwise to select as your centreline. In every heart there is a dream. That dream is not pleasure or pain driven, moreover it’s a destination without a pathway. A place without a road. To this we can can subscribe as a form of constant. If we know this outcome dream then the fluctuations are not so dramatic, just diversions. Chaos and order are constant companions so it’s wise not to hold either of them fixed.