Turning up means being alive. It means being available for the full experience of life. It means arriving at any situation, space, or place fully ready. Turning up means listening to what people feel as well as what they say. Turning up, means being like a great detective, always there, sniffing around, ready for clues. Nothing is too trivial.

In my book, Sacred Love (download a free digital copy here) The whole first chapter is about Falling in Love 1,000 times a day. This really means, Turning up, 1000 times a day. Same process. Same result. Inspiration…

What are the consequences of not turning up?

Divorces, arguments, stress, putting on weight, anger, frustration, depression, exhaustion, being left at the altar, no carrier advancement, pie in the sky ideas and unwellness. So, you can see that turning up can change things.

What does it look like when you turn up?

Another word for turning up is inspired. Corporate people call it engaged. Spiritual people call it enlightened or in a state of grace. Mental people call it focus and attention, or concentration, partners and lovers call it falling in love again and again. Social activists call it conscious awareness. Health practitioners call it vitality and energy – prana or chi.

So, why stillness and turning up?

Stillness means that the water under the surface of the lake is really calm. It doesn’t matter whether the water on the surface of the lake is wind blown or ruffled, it’s the water below the surface that we’re interested in because turning up is not a surface action. Turning up means you’re complete and the other person isn’t. So, you arrive complete and are available to listen and engage.

What’s the opposite to turning up?

Have you had a day when your head is going faster than your feet? When people seem to be taking forever to get things done? Have you experienced that “omg I need a coffee” state of mind? Have you felt like there’s not enough hours in the day? Have you experienced it where someone is talking to you but you didn’t hear a word they were saying. Have you felt sad about something, or angry about something or frustrated about something that happened months, years or weeks ago? Do you feel anxiety about the future, worried you won’t get what you want? Well that’s the opposite to turning up.

What are the keys to turning Up?

There are seven:

  • Emotionally you’ve got to know how to let go of stuff – (discard & grow)
  • Physically, you’ve got to circulate your physical energy, know how to detox and how to elevate your inner and outer body to higher places.
  • Environmentally you’ve got to take control of your environment, space, because this causes either harmony or distraction.
  • Mentally, you’ve got to know your values and stick to them as your brand, priorities and self awareness.
  • Visionary, you’ll need to have absolute certainty that, at some recent time, you’ve written down your VIP, visions, inspirations, purpose. And you know that you know that you know it’s REAL.
  • Coach-u, heard the term guru. Gee, You R You. So you are your best coach, don’t be a bad one. Speak compassionately to you. Encourage yourself continually just like a good coach does.
  • Action, you’ve got to act on it. There’s no use sitting cross legged holier than now and telling the world how wonderful you are, when your process stinks. Walker your Talk .. that’s the last step to turning up.

How do other people know when you are not turning up?

In a recent experiment a bunch of parents who were watching their kids play sport were asked to do one of two things. The first was to turn up, and totally engage in watching their kid unconditionally. The second group were asked to ignore the kid on the field completely but not necessarily demonstrate that by their action. In other words the kids couldn’t tell overtly who was watching engaged, and who wasn’t. The physical aspect of the parent’s participation was removed. At the end of the game the kids were asked one simple question: “did your mum or dad, enjoy the game today?” In 100% of cases, the kids defined turning up as “enjoying” the game and 100% not engaged as “Not enjoying” the game. We do not live in bubbles as we sometimes think. People know when you are stuck in the past, worried about the future, caught in your head. You might think people are rejecting you, ignoring you or being rude to you but that’s all a result of you, not turning up 110% clean.

By Chris Walker

Chris Walker is CEO and Founder of Innerwealth Technologies. Adventurer, Life Coach, Management Consultant and Author Chris inspires change.

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