What is in Your Heart Today?

Of all the saints of life Focus is my favourite. She is a godsend. When I lose focus I become distracted, small things become big and there are, it seems no solutions. Focus comes into my life and big things become small and easy, I feel a sense of purpose to my existence and all my life energy revolves around that. I feel young and keen to live long in order to perfect my art.

Focus is not a harsh saint. She’s a friendly solft saint. She enters because I have commitment and all my choices are based on that commitment. My visions shift but my focus doesn’t shift because she always wants me to live from my heart, my true nature.

In focus there is spirit. A person is spirited when they are friends with focus. There are those who are scattered and say “I am searching” but that’s a lie. They are trying to find a pleasure without a pain. It lacks everything human and is anything it chooses. A loss of focus leads us to self absorption, narcisistic disorder. We can all fall there. Don’t feel immune. The difference between you and someone who has fallen is simply the word “no.”

If we cannot say no to all the options it is because we are afraid of death. We are trying to cram as much pleasure into as small a piece of time as possible. Unbeknown to that person who follows that road, it is a dead end and memories errase the pleasure and depondancy replaces it.

It is wise to be friends with focus. She is the saint that guides your heart. Your heart listens to the voice of focus. Be committed – do it without reservation. Put your heart into it. And organise the rest to serve your true nature.