How Visionaries Work

Visionaries are not normal people and therefore they do not follow the road of the employee. Visionaries need special treatment because they are sensitive to negative forces. Visionaries need a special way to work.

The best description of the visionary work style comes from Nepal. I have had the pleasure of spending some 30 years trekking in the Himalayas of Nepal. On many of these visits I was privileged to work with the healers of the Himalayas. These are men, living primarily in Hermitage environments, who have no university qualifications but are permitted by law to perform operations, dispense medicine (primarily herbal) and do healing, they are what we would call the local doctor.

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Are these men really able to heal? That’s the question I asked myself many many times as I sat with them, their long dirty dreadlocks, their old smelly feet, their  dishevelled appearance gave me suspicion. I mean, I grew up in a time where Dr wore a white coat, had a stethoscope around the neck and they hear parted with Brylcreem anchoring every single molecule of hair. and here I was with the complete opposite.

But after 20 years I began to understand what was going on and bit by bit I gained the confidence of these men. Finally, on one magnificent freezing cold Himalayan day I sat with a Himalayan healer who could speak English and we shared the most heartfelt conversation I’ve ever had with another human being. Heart-to-heart with spoke about love, healing, people, illness, relationships, business and philosophy. We talked through the day and into the night and I slept on the ground that we’d been sitting on all day. The fire keeping us warm, the Tibetan tea keeping our hearts open and our minds alert.

He taught me something that I would like to teach you. He told me that there were three things that were necessary for healing. And since this time I have realised that the leader of a business or a family is a healer. It is no different to be a leader than a healer. Let me now  share what I learnt, or a small synopsis of it.

This Tibetan, uneducated man had the wisdom of 1000 museums. He explained that for healing to take place three things are required: the first is that the healer believes that he or she can do the healing. The second, is that the patient believes that the healer can do the healing or more simply that the patient believes that they can heal. The third, is the valence of the herbals. If the medicine has any suspicion of being corrupted by the weather or the lack of prayer or being in a place that is not conducive to good energy then either the patient or the healer will become suspicious and healing will not take place.

You are probably a business person. You may be wondering at this point what the hell all this conversation has to do with you. But you are a healer, a leader, who must have the three ingredients mentioned above, that come from the most primal and uneducated mountains in the world and educate the most sophisticated and highly educated people on earth. It shows you that the truth of the heart is beyond education.

If you are a business person consider this: firstly, if you believe you can lead you will lead but if you do not believe you will lead and you are waiting to be offered a leadership position you will be waiting for the entirety of your life. Secondly, if those around you, including those above and those below and those beside do not believe that you can lead, in other words if you have not impressed people, then they will not follow you and you will not heal them nor lead them. Finally, all the rhetoric in the world does not transcend the violence of the service or product you provide. If you stop believing that the thing you that you do is of value and merit, if you stop believing that the company you work for is providing the best service to the client then your leadership and the clients belief in you are irrelevant because the product, the medicine, will fail, and you will be left, believing in yourself, being believed in, but failing.

Take his home to your family and ask this of your family, silently. Do you believe that you are the best father, the best partner this person can have because if you don’t you aren’t. Does your partner believe that you are the best partner for them? In other words, have you impressed your partner enough. Finally, the valence of a home? What is the valence of a home? It simply means do people do what they say? Are you telling someone to do what you don’t do? Are you living vicariously through your children or your partner? Does the environment reflect what you’re going? You can take these magnificent words of this Tibetan healer and transform them into an awareness of how to live from your heart in your home.

The totality of my work is about living from your heart. But there is a problem with that. It presumes in some way that we live in a just world. That if you be good from your heart the world will be good back to you. This is incorrect. The world does not operate on the principles of the heart. The world operates on the principles of power just like the jungle. The three principals of the healer other principles of the jungle. Learn these three, be in your heart, but don’t expect the world to treasure and value you just because you have a beautiful heart, it just will not work. Follow your heart, listen to your heart, value your heart but do not expect the world to give you merit for it. The world operates at a different rhythm and you must also understand that rhythm which is explained by the Tibetan healer and the model but I’ve left you at the top of this page.

With spirit,

Chris Walker