When you criticise someone it reflects that you think you are better than them. You think they have some problem you don’t have. You think you are superior. That’s why you criticise them. You criticise people on the outside because you feel inferior on the inside. If you think you are worse than someone then to cope you will try to be better than someone. This is emotion.. Do you want that or heart and soul?

When you infatuate someone, like you say “wow, they are so much better than me you actually put them up on pedestals. That’s on the outside because on the inside you feel superior and on the outside you feel inferior. We all have public (what I love about me) and private (the opposite to the public) sides. When you have two children, one will emulate the public, the other will emulate the private. The polarity in you becomes the polarity in those around you. Instead, heart and soul is a unifying thought.  No polarity.


You can move your thoughts to balance.

By Chris Walker

Chris Walker is CEO and Founder of Innerwealth Technologies. Adventurer, Life Coach, Management Consultant and Author Chris inspires change.

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