Recently on twitter I made a comment about a journalist who was fox hunting in the Federal government and witch hunting Malcolm Turnbull, the Prime Minister of Australia. The thing was that Malcolm Turnbull leads, not as a testosterone driven male, which totally suits the definition of a leader in Australia, but as a genuine example of inclusiveness and healthy male – female leadership energy. The journalist pushed back, accusing me of being a pompous, up myself individual. Which, was pretty mean and very personal. (see it on Twitter Here) So, what’s this got to do with Walkachi?

Negative energy floods the world. Talk about Trump in the US for example is full of mean hearted energy and, that stuff is coming from the people who are against the gun lobby. What’s not apparent is that anger begets anger. And all that criticism the press love to drum up for entertainment is deliberately targeted at your heart and soul. Feed you darkness and you will be mesmerised. It becomes a habit. Then you start looking at yourself, your partner, your friends, your work, your kids and thinking “what’s wrong with them?” That’s the negativity and hate spreading like the plague. Not only do you feel it but then you start to attract it. Nobody treats you better than you treat yourself and if you’re beating up on you, being critical and self analytical, you’ll attract that from clients, friends and foe. But worse, what you judge in others you breed in your children, attract in your partner or become. So, the whole negative impression, self examination thing really stinks.

If you are not perfect already how will you ever be that? You’ll be continually looking for improvement which is really a negative state isn’t it?

So, walkachi is about perfection. Sure there’s heaps of room to change things, do things better, help more, make more, do more, but you are you before you do, be or have that stuff. And this is the point of Walkachi. “To find yourself each day, perfect in every way” even for a few minutes and then hold it throughout the day, with a few top ups along the way.

Perfect isn’t intellectually perfect. It means something else. Energy flows through you, you breathe, you live and that’s a humble start to the process of Walkachi. But there’s so much more. That’s the content of the 30 Day Master Class … #BackonTrack. #Innerwealth. Hope to see you there one day.