Faster, Stronger, Smarter

All human laws are created out of fear. Ask yourself if that is what you want to use as the driving motivation and inspiration of your life.

Compliance to human laws is essential. However this is not inspired. This is despired. We comply out of obligation to our neighbour, generosity of spirit. But we cannot use those same laws as the driving force of our life.

Polarity causes polarity. If you think polarity (morals, ethics, laws, religious righteousness) then you think in polarity. That’s simply creating war. If you think in polarity about peace, like “war is bad” and “peace is good” you are in polarity. If you are in polarity in one area of your life you will be in polarity in all areas of your life. Thought joins every area of life.

Inspired means no polarity. No stand on moral, social, ethical grounds. This is why inspiration requires a purpose greater than self. Self (ego) needs polarity.

Is Trump bad? Yes or no? Well if you are a global leader even in your family life you can only stay that way if you don’t hold a position on that answer. You might respond “he’s good and bad and extreme in both.” That means you are both for and against Trump.

Polarity drives media. I recently suggested that a journalist was being biased when he criticised someone on twitter. I was being in polarity by making that suggestion without first making a compliment. I could have said “I see yr right there and there’s good news here too”

The use of very small words is the key to not being polarity. The word “OR” is polarity, the word “AND” is inclusive. You might say “this OR this option” and by saying it you’ll be automatically putting yourself into polarity, out of inspiration and into a fight with your spouse, kids, colleagues, nature, universe, self and world. Is that the fight you think you can win?

You might also challenge yourself on the word “BUT.” This word actually means “everything that was said up until this moment is irrelevant and therefore this is my actual opinion” no matter what I said before.

“BUT” discounts the previous conversation so it is polarity again BUT not in right or wrong language. BUT makes polarity in past and future. “I enjoyed the dinner BUT it wasn’t quite cooked to the way I like.” This means “I just told you some BS and what I really feel is this.”

“GOT TO” and “SHOULD DO” are two other words that trigger polarity. They engender fear in your mind and heart even if you don’t have a good reason for it. You might say “I’ve GOT TO get to yoga.” and your nerves are rattling because you’ve sent a message to the part of your brain that it’s an emergency.

“SHOULD DO” and “OUGHT TO” also trigger polarity in thought and action. Both words imply that morals and ethics, religious righteousness and social laws, all build out of fear, are the governing proposition in your choices. At some level this may be essential for compliance and yet there’s an implied notion that if left to your own resources, and not operating from fear based code, you would not have a sense of direction or governance of your behaviour. Understandable if you do not have the ability to tap into your heart, vision, inspiration or purpose.

Verement push back comes when we try to tell others that their “SHOULD DO” and “OUGHT TO” codes are wrong. Religious fanatics fight for this dominance. Churches and faiths denounce alternative religions and keep themselves secular. Polarised thinking dominates that landscape. Understandably, because that’s how you build brand.

Brand is caused by polarity unless it’s inspired. When brand is inspired it is not in a fight against competition. It is not in polarity against something, which is fear based, competitive strategy. Brand that is inspired stands in the vision of its value. A great brand never mentions the opposition. It simply reminds people about the unique proposition, the values, the value it provides. There is no competition at the level of inspiration. There is only competition at the level of motivation.

And this is where polarity thinking, un-inspired thinking can corrupt a business simply because all brand is humanly constructed. It is communicated by people, designed, implemented, strategised by people. If people think white bread is extremely better than brown bread at home then their polarised thinking is coming from one area of life and it will introduce itself into their work. This is why inspiration is so key to corporate and domestic culture. If a person is going through a divorce in which there’s a period of right and wrong in the legal battle for separation of access and assets, (which is how the legal system functions) then that righteousness will permeate their work and they may cause polarity in teams, clients, branding, presentation and strategy.

Knowing all this is one thing. Implementing it is another. I suggest in Walkachi that BALANCED, CENTRED and CALM are three great pillars of not duality. Balanced in thinking, centred in body, calm in nerves. Now, this is not a hippie place of sit and wait for the coconut to drop out of the tree for dinner. It’s an inspired space with Vision, Inspiration and purpose clearly as the drivers for life.