Daily Audio Show With Chris

Looking for a daily shot of inspiration? A burst of energy? Well, each day I endevour to provide the world just that by doing a live podcast from Bondi Beach.

BEING REAL in life means REALLY BEING YOU – Alive. These audio help you do just that. Engage the spirit, build your strength do great stuff. It’s a commitment not to settle for the mundane and instead strive for and experience the best of life. It’s like getting a shot in the arm or a kick in the butt each morning to listen to  WalkaTalk. No appologies, it’s raw and fun audio mostly done from the sand at Bondi beach. Being REAL is an effort. The REAL you is the best you. Sure, there’s conformity, but that’s just the outside. Inside, you want to care about others, feel inspired, have energy, get over stuff that makes you nuts with anger. You need to have a performance coach on your team and these podcasts are the poor mans/woman’s performance coach. (the real thing costs a fortune and it’s worth it). Enjoy, especially for those who’ve completed the 30 day inspired back on track program. Adding that extra edge, drawing out the value. Staying one step ahead. Creative, open hearted, clear minded and on track.