Let Nature Be Your Guide

When it comes time to advance your level of living, think nature instead of dollars. By working with nature you can advance your wealth and your health all in the one movement. They do not have to be separate topics. 

I am a man of nature. I believe that all human suffering comes from disconnection from nature. I have built a whole life and business consulting process based on nature to bring those who are ready to live a rich, rewarding, successful quality of life without the rhetoric.

I believe that human nature is about walking the talk, walking with purpose, walking inspired, walking with spirit in everyday life. I believe in nature as the temple, the only one we need, and I believe that the most powerful state we can achieve is when we align with the mind, heart and soul of nature.

In nature all things are interconnected. In the human world I call this “total human awareness”It means that what you think do and feel will impact others and yourself and therefore we need to be considered in what we eat, wear, speak, act, create and think. This alignment is no different to a tree with roots deep enough to support branches reaching into the sky for light.

I bring the ecology, respect for and love of nature into the human emotional and material dimension through the universal laws of nature. It is only when we think we are separate, our own little demigods, our ego, that we create the suffering we see so much in other people’s lives.

We can change the world by changing our own heart. What goes on within us, causes the environment outside of us. What we judge in the world we breed in our children, attract in our partner or become. It is therefore a worthy life pursuit to get this inner environment as pristine as the outer.

When the inner voice speaks louder than the outer voices we can say we are inspired. The outer voices are the emotions. The inner are the intuitions, but we don’t want low intuitions filled with doubt, we want higher intuitions, inspirations filled with certainty. This is why we practice daily routines called the power hour, walkachi and more. 

Nature grows in cycles, so do we. Sometimes we fall behind and it takes a tsunami to shift us. Those hurt but we grow. Instead of tsunami preventative medicine, the fire walk, the real spirit, the heart clearing, the path walk, and the Nepal Spirit Walk are what I offer you in order to magnify you steps, and keep you one step ahead of challenge, to self administer growth. This is how we achieve harmony in life.

I help those who are ready. I help you overcome the fog of confusion, to find vision, inspiration and purpose in life just as nature intended. I help you decipher what’s going on by understanding nature’s principles, and therefore feel guided and inspired in life.

We are nature. It is not human versus nature. We are nature and the more we feel this the better we do, the wiser our choices, the smarter our strategies for success and love. I am happy to share what I know and guide you to the next level – when you feel the time is right.