Certainty is your true nature. But there’s a limit to what you can be certain about.

Sometimes we try to be certain about things we can’t be certain about, like: how long we will live, how long our marriage will last, how fast we’ll run, how much money we’ll make and how happy we’ll be. Those things are really hard to be certain about because of one major factor: they depend on other people to make them happen.

Certainty must therefore be about something that no one else can mess with.

Let’s try a few on for size:

  1. You can be certain you are going to die one day… may as well embrace this one and get used to it.
  2. You can be certain that everyone you know, young or old, will also die. So, now we’ve covered the morbid part of it, lets see what else we can be certain about.
  3. You can be certain that there’s two sides to everything. No argeument here.
  4. You can be certain that something cannot come from nothing… this is important
  5. You can be certain that what you fear comes near
  6. You can be certain that you are abundant in the universe… powerful thought.
  7. You can be certain that you are evolving whether you like it or not.
  8. You can be certain that nobody beats you up more than you
  9. You can be certain that your mind can control atoms, molecules and sub atomic particles/
  10. You can be certain that the earth with go into the sun again, eventually.

There are many things you can be certain of. Just be careful that you don’t mistake religious dogma or social ethics, humanly created, to provide certainty. Nothing human nor of the emotions, produces certainty.