Your true nature health is cellular. Deep inside your being there are trillions of cells each one evolving toward the best version of you. When you balance your mind, calm your nerves and centre yourself in heart and soul, your body responds with health and vitality.

Daily maintenance is needed on the cellular level.

100% of the cells of your body replace themselves each six months. If you eat right, exercise right, relax right and think right, your body will be all right. Treat this magnificent being you’ve inhabited with the utmost respect and love, stretch it, push it, strengthen it, not obsessively, adequately with love. It’s hard to do good if you don’t feel good. Today’s eating is tomorrows life. Today’s exercise is tomorrow’s health. Lets eat, exercise, play, dance, stretch for tomorrow’s life, not for today’s.


Alcohol, coffee, fruit juice, soda, lemonade, coke, chocolate, sugar, honey, fruit, cake, bread, pasta, dressing, potato, red meat, processed meat (sausage, salami, bacon) tomato, dairy, mushroom, cream, ice-cream, rice and all grains are out, vegetable oils including olive oil out 100%. All sweets are out. If there’s a few in the fridge dump them, You’ll never go back.


Many problems of concentration, weight gain, back pain, arthritis, headaches, sluggish mornings, constipation are caused by eating too much too late at night. Take a protein shake early in the day, then a big breakfast, big lunch and very small dinner eaten before 7pm preferably 6pm.


All green vegetables, fish, chicken, coconut oil, salads, water, apple cider vinegar, nuts, herb tea, pea protein powder (180nutrition recommended they have a good ebook), egg, ghee,  (grass fed red meat ok 200gm per meal – twice a week),  Marksdailyapple.com provide ideas if you are struggling.