This beautiful graphic demonstrates the real difference between going off half cocked overspecialising in only one area of personal development and total human awareness. For example, the crazy notion of meditating to cure stress is like drinking poison and then having your stomoch pumped daily in order to feel good.

Preventative medicine means you treat yourself as a total human being. Unlike psychological and intellectual interventions or coaching, Back on Track does not cherry pick problems, it prevents trouble at the cause. It saves you years of messing about by cutting straight to the source of stress, business or health problems and prevents them.

Instead of years of perpetual meditation trying to calm your nerves, you get on with life and make life itself a meditation of love. Your work becomes a great source of joy instead of pain, your relationship feeds your sense of humour and enhances your love of life.

The Walker Power Hour … which lasts exactly 30 minutes a day, (already saving you time) incorporates a series of life contextualising, stress preventative, life and work enhancing process that, when applied, put you on track and keep you there.

100% based on your true nature, inspired by nature and enhanced by nature using Biophilic research and science this process is for those looking to kick butt, make a difference in the world, who don’t want to become part of the whole “whose stressed now” problem.

This is about loving life 100%. Rejuvenating daily. Being Balanced at work instead of dragging the need for balance home and destroying home life. This process is about the helicopter mindset, powerful vision, turning up for your family, staying super healthy, keeping a smile on your dial and feeling like you’re the luckiest human being on earth.

Your VIP is the key:

  1. Vision – of the future that can never be shattered.
  2. Inspiraton – Love of the now that powers up your total life
  3. Purpose – that keeps you one step ahead of your ego personality.

100% safe, environmentally friendly, no animal testing, no carbon footprint, organic, zero energy consumption, no fossil fuel used. Safe for parents and children alike. EPA approved.

  • No flying, you do it at home
  • No generic mass consciousness – you get coached personally
  • Totally applicable to any profession and age group
  • Gender friendly
  • Equal opportunity and no social discrimination
  • Lasts a lifetime
  • Fully tested
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Recommended by fortune 500 CEO’s, Rock bands and Indigenous Community Leaders, small business owners, entrepreneurs, mums, dads, kids.