Align Your Values, Be Happy.


In this stunning graphic I’ve created a real image of what goes on in your brain when you are off track and working on low priorities – someone else’s values in your life.

When we are confused about what is most and least important in our work or home life we start clutching at straws trying to please people, living their values.

Pleasing others – piss yourself off

Pleasing self – piss others off…

But there’s a third option… please others to please self.

By knowing what you want you can go around the direct confrontational process and instead, function as a world champion sales master in finding the values of others and satisfying (serving) their needs in order to get yours met.

Give to get…

This exercise in personal power is a distillation of tens of thousands of books and studies on personal power and human communication. It’s a direct hit straight down the wicket. Simply learning this one technique both causes your inner space to become calm (living your highest priorities) and engages the support of others in helping you create your vision, inspiraiton and purpose.