How to Make a Hell of a Profit and Still Go to Heaven

My five years in hell took 30 years to manifest. Until then I was on top of the world.

Then I was on the bottom of it.

Those five years were really tough. I wished for solutions. I wanted to change things. Sometimes I wanted to reverse the clock, go back and do things differently. That didn’t work. Sometimes I wanted to go forward, and just jump to a new reality, sort of escape where I was. That didn’t work.

Eventually, I made it through by spinning together a whole bunch of stuff. A bit of business smarts, a bit of love, a bit of healing, a bit of fun, a few trips to Nepal Himalayas, surfing, footy, some wine and a bucket of therapy.

In the end, it was a totally clumsy process that took five years instead of five minutes.

When something like that happens to you, it makes a big impact. I chose there and then, to go back and be the instructor I needed both before and after the poo hit the fan.

Here’s what I needed:

Before the poo hit the fan I needed someone to give me sound advice about my home life, business life and health… but not separately. I had advice, so much of it, but it was all compartmentalised. That doesn’t work. I learnt that the hard way. So, I created the “total human awareness” paradigm so I can offer other entrepreneurs good holistic advice.

When the poo hit the fan I needed a tough teacher. I’m pretty good at getting my own way and when things went pear shaped, I turned for help but most of the help was also looking for my approval. I needed a business savvy, heart open, clear thinking strategist to get my nappy clean and get back to life. I now offer this clarity to my clients.

After the poo hit the fan I needed a visionary teacher. One who could diminish the drama of the past and free me up to create a great exciting impression of the future. That happened, and I realised that 5 years of hell was 4 years, 11 months, 29 days, and a few hours too long to sit in a dirty nappy. So now I became the visionary teacher to keep my clients eyes on the ball and focussed on enjoying the journey without forgetting the destination.

You gotta get angry about something important.

Everybody is angry about something. It’s part of our DNA. I was angry about small things, I needed to get angry about big things. That’s how you find a sense of purpose in life. Of course, once you find your purpose, you may find life more pleasant if you deal with the anger and turn to inspiration rather than motivation to mobilise yourself. That’s what I created in the “back on track” process… a step to turn anger to inspiration.

The learning mindset … how to stay young and virile

Nothing ages a person faster than being a “know it all.” Knowing it all makes people defensive, stressed, unhappy, overwhelmed, nervous, impotent, anal-retentive, allergic, addicted and toxic. So, the antidote to know it all, is the learning mindset. That’s why I do podcasts and blogs to help my community stay on track learning something new every day. I think this can divert a lot of trouble in life. It keeps us humble and stops us from getting proud.

Positive Personal Change through Higher Consciousness

The Spirit of the Mountains, of nature, of life shines in every heart. Brought to life as “doing what we love and loving what we do.”

Then, with this connection, there can be no stress, no chaos, no calamity in a heart that is connected, once and for all, to nature. The love of nature is not just limited to plants, mountains and animals. It is a human quality. It exists in community, friendships, family, relationships and leadership. Once you are bound to nature and can bring her into your life as the organising principle you will find the awakening that truly gifts you with something beyond … something only a few experience, something religion cannot corrupt.

How to Make a Hell of a Profit and Still Go to Heaven

  • Let go the past – don’t hold grudges
  • Enjoy the day
  • Inspire the future

One of my life affirming motto’s is “set and forget”

This applies to plans, visions, goals and ambitions.

Set them, know them, practice them. Then turn up, right here, right now to do the steps it will take you to arrive there, one step at a time.

This requires a certain trust. You have to trust that you are being looked after by the universe and that nothing stands between you and your dreams other than you.

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