The Power of Vacations -Advertising Hidden as (bad) Advice and Disguised as Research

From time to time you catch an industry with their hand in the till, paying for and promoting research to support their industry, which, in the least is biased, and at best is corrupt.

This is a great example … the argument that, in 2016 taking a holiday is going to influence your work life balance.

Truly, does anyone still believe this crap?

Surely we know that a person who is out of balance is out of balance while on holiday and comes back out of balance when they return to work within about 24 hours.

Surely we know already that holidays for those who are stressed are stressful and it’s only the fact that nobody cares about the alcoholic headache the next day that causes any sort of pretence that “holiday” was more than a total slump into mind numbing indulgence that makes “real Life” even more stressful and resentful.

The best holiday might be today. Like enjoying the ride to work, enjoying being at work, enjoying the ride home from work, enjoying time after work… ask this and then who would even want a holiday? You’d be wanting an adventure with all the energy you saved.


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