Evolve – Do it Smarter, Faster, Easier… Simple

The word evolution is being used more and more to express some idea about change. But what does evolution really mean and do people know what they are saying when they use it in business and personal terms.

Nature (universe) never destroys anything, she simply builds a new one on top of an old one, greater in consciousness, less in number. This is evolution.

Once there were dinosaurs. Something eliminated them, or did it? Did it just evolve them?

As DNA testing becomes more sophisticated, we’re able to find traces of ancient dinosaur lineage in horses for example. This means, the dinosaur didn’t go extinct, it simple morphed into a faster, smaller, cleverer animal. This is evolution. And you do it too.

Your business might sell ice creams from a hand cart. To evolve the business you’d need to serve more people ice creams, for less cost, with less effort. So, for example, you might create a store front and subcontract ice cream making. You’d get more done (more people served) in less time and cost. Evolved.

Take this home to your love life. Wanting to spend all day and night in bed with your partner might be a possibility once in a while but in reality the question will be “how, with limited time, do we spend more moments in love?” The answer might not be sexual, but certainly sensual. Or, your love making may become totally sacred, rather than physical.

Evolve means to get more done in less time. Greater in consciousness less in number.

Trees are evolving too. They’re getting smaller. They are able to do photosynthesis faster and better with less leaves.

Technology is evolving. We’re getting faster for less cost.

Transport is evolving. More people moved in less time.

Food is evolving. More people fed at less cost.

Not all people like evolution. Some fight it. Some refuse to be a part of it.

We evolve at the border of support and challenge so, those for evolution and those against balance to cause the growth. Opposition may be ignorant but it’s essential.

With Love and Wisdom



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