Deal With Cause Not Effect

Every effect, has a cause. If we focus on effect we create another effect.

If we focus on cause, we stop the effect. Or change it.

As a business person, family member or community member if you focus on trouble shooting the effect of problems you end up making trouble for yourself.

Stop the sharks. Put up net. Net catches dolphins. Dolphins in net attract sharks. Put up more nets. Catch more dolphins. etc

Or Stop coming home late. Work not done. Pressure at work. Work not done. Come home early but stressed. Home but not home. Fired. Or Single. Etc.

Overweight. Go on diet. Fix weight. Feel sad. Get depressed. Take anti depressants. Retain fluid. Get fat. Overweight. Go on diet and antidepressants. etc

Nature’s universal laws explains cause.

It’s a worthwhile approach to know where behaviour is in contrast to nature’s laws. Then you work on cause and solve problems without creating new ones.

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