All my life

The love for life is the ultimate love.

All my life I have been filled with so much love for the world and people and yet, I have walked every step I’ve walked, alone.

I have, for this whole journey dreamt that one day, I would rise up and look into the eyes of someone who really understood love and how magnificently sacred it is, and wanted to walk, side by side through life in love. I have never found that soul, so I have found that soul in me. It is beautiful.

I turned this gift of loving life and all people into a job and then into an energy for so many millions of busy people whose heart has been shut by the wanting. I hope, for all I teach and share with, that one day they will hear their heart beat as I do mine and then live, love and speak from the gentle whispers of their soul too.

I often glimpse this awakening in people and then I see it close to preserve and protect the infrastructure of their family. Sometimes, if they are blessed, they find a kindred spirit to journey together into the future, negotiating life as two but holding their own heart as one.

This living way is beautiful but also intense. It is kind and warm and yet strong and empowered. It is deep and sacred and yet joyful.

The shoe box and the Candle.

Come with me and visit my shoe box. In it, I have seven areas. They are spiritual, mental, social, career, health, financial, relationship. In each of these little partitions there is ambition.

You see, I am never happy in my shoe box, I use the word “More” over and over and over again.

The Shoe Box

We all live in shoe boxes. Inside those shoe boxes we are trying to stay happy. But there’s a miracle taking place.

The incredible thing about human nature is that it adapts.

If you put a person in the toughest job long enough, it will become easy. They will adapt.

If you put a person in a violent home, eventually they will adapt.

So adaptation is the greatest human miracle.

If you go to Nepal and climb up the mountains, your body will struggle but eventually it adapts and acclimatises. That’s a miracle. So, inside the shoe box, no matter how we see it, no matter how exciting our love, we eventually adapt and become bored.

It’s at this time we seek change. We seek threesomes and adrenalin and excitement and want holidays and fun and lovers. It’s all an attempt to escape adaptation. it’s very hard.

Eventually, we burn down because we adapted to good and bad. We adapted to wanting more and more. We took bigger and bigger jobs and more and more stimulation to make our relationship functional and then we get depressed – not because life is bad, but because we are bored.

Same alcohol, same sex, same, same, same and then we’re really frustrated.

There’s an unlimited range of things to do to escape being bored. None of them leads to love. They only lead to better shoe boxes.

Many people build shoe box love. Some people however, take lovers and seek the candle love and keep their shoe box to themselves. This means that they are fully independent in their career, relationship, social, health, financial, spiritual and mental love. The only thing missing is the spirit, the candle love. This they achieve through external connections, spontaneous connections that are most commonly sexual. These are the two worlds of love.

The Candle Love – Spirit

The flame of the human spirit never dies. However, the candle flame cannot exist inside the shoe box. Therefore many people build this separate love. The home with partner and the lover in secret.

This is a way to have both the shoe box and the candle flame. Many people achieve this however, for one of the two people in the shoe box, it is not their reality, they are being lied to. 100% of those lied to people know they are being lied to and prefer a shoe box that’s full even with fake love than no shoe box at all.

Sacred Love – The Honeymoon That Lasts Forever Complimentary copy I share how a couple can have both.

Sacredlovebook cover copy

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