Daily Hint to Stay Inspired

Expand your way out of challenge.

We are nature, hence, we can learn to deal with the ups and downs of life through observing how nature handles certain situations. Today, it’s challenge we’re observing.

Nature expands out of trouble. What grows back after a disaster is always greater, more resilient, more magnificent, than what existed before the disaster.

Of course, the visual might not be the same. Certain regrowth is not as aesthetically pleasing as the original, but aesthetics is really a human measure. Nature, on the other hand, seeks to evolve.

When you’re green you’re growing and when you’re ripe you rot

Our western thinking has a meme built into it which suggests that if something goes wrong in any of the seven areas of our life, we’ve messed up. But in nature’s universal laws, when things go wrong it’s a sign of growth. In other words, as nature evolves, she not only improves, she strikes trouble.

The name for this trouble is Frustra. A frustra is a disaster, catastrophe or humbling circumstance that sets us back on our heels: a business mess, a bad deal, a quarrel, a relationship trouble and even a health scare. These are signs of growth. Of course, in human emotional language they are often interpreted as stuff ups, bad karma or unfortunate. In Nature’s Law, they are frustra, inevitable and healthy.

A snail can withdraw into its shell when there’s trouble but will come back out again often better for it. However, it’s all too common for us humans to withdraw to recuperate and fix things and then lose confidence so we don’t come back out bigger and better than before. It’s a total downer.

Expand your way out of trouble.

The Back on Track Process

Much of the advice we get when facing challenge is solution driven, fire fighting the apparent trouble whereas, it can be so much simpler to deal with the cause of the challenge. Resolve it at the core, the root, the source.

It’s a seven step process displayed above covering the:

  1. Physical
  2. Emotional
  3. Mental
  4. Spiritual

Aspects of life. And in doing so, expand the seven areas of life. This is a whole life expansion.

By expanding your way out of challenge, you grow from it.

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