Stop the Fighting In Family and Relationships

There are not two sides to everything. An apple is an apple. That is truth. But human beings have 5 senses, they, the senses, can only understand and enjoy to eat an apple if they polarise the apple into good or not.

Eyes see good or bad, nose smells good or bad, ears hear crisp or soft, hands feel smooth or rough. Each person interprets the apple by their senses, but 99% of senses experience is memory. We remember what good apple smells like and we all felt a bad taste apple with bruise.

So, arguments are easy to explain this with apple. Your mum or dad says this apple is good and you say fuck no, it’s awful. Then you justify your position on the opposite side of the fence: “I remember the last time I bit into an apple like this and it tastes like shit”. Mum fights back: “just try it, you’ll like it” and you say fuck you mum because how dare you think different to me. Stop telling me to eat a shit apple!

But mum is right (from her view) and you are right (from your view) then you take the apple and shove it up your mum’s bum because she is wrong. Now we’ve gone from polarity about who’s senses are right about this apple to angry: This is stage two of primal human, a fight is happening for survival, goodness knows what’s so important about an apple, but you and mum are now at war. Obviously something deeper is being pushed but the warrior is on and awake.

You are now wanting to be right about apple and angry at the feeling you are getting attacked. Not really attacked, it just feels like your mum is telling you how to do what you do. She isn’t really at war but you polarise yourself and puts everyone on the back foot.

So, to prevent this loop of right, anger, right, and shoving apples up mother’s bum, you stop and say, well, “i see the apple my way, she sees the apple her way” but the apple is just an apple, there isn’t a right or a wrong apple, we could really eat shit if we had to, so the bruise isn’t really the disaster, but trying to be right is childish. Then, we say mum is right in her mind, I am right in my mind, – given there is balance in the universe, we ask, “where is mum right” answer is “well some part of apple could be ok, for a beggar this apple is delicious.

Then, we say “mum, i see your point of view, thank you”. To do this you might have to deal with the deeper issue of why you need to be so defensive toward your mum over an apple, but that’s another topic.

You are now seeing the apple as delicious like mum and disgusting like you … both. The question now is “do I eat the apple?” And, that’s up to you… if you do eat the apple to please your mum you going to hate yourself. If you don’t eat the apple because you were angry you’re going to hate yourself. So, if you do cut some nice part of apple because you see the nice bit and you do it because you like to eat that for yourself you are not wrong (which is why you argue with yourself – fear to be wrong) but because there is truth in balance. Ultimately there is no right or wrong – it is an apple. innocent apple became world war because two people of same mindset take opposite position to each other with strong grip on truth (sensory memory and experience) so one person has to grow up and say “mum, you’re right, i see it from your view.”

You still don’t have to eat apple but now not with dumb reason “because you want to always be correct, or right, or strong, or stand up to someone or don’t care.”

YOU CAN NOT EAT APPLE BECAUSE YOU DON’T NEED APPLE IN YOUR TUMMY. That is not for or against the topic of apple. It is simply your choice. “if you please others you piss yourself off. If you please yourself you piss others off” you can’t do both. Trying to please someone to make them change only makes you pissed off. Trying to please yourself will piss others off. So, instead, see the two sides of the apple or whatever. Then choose.

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