What we judge we breed attract or become

Chris Walker

Staying inspired is essential for collaboration. Once the ego has kicked in, you’ll be dancing around like a cat on a hot tin roof trying to justify yourself.

Nothing affects the quality of life of an individual more than a distorted memory about the past. Anger, frustration, victimhood, pain, grief, regret and more are all poison to the spirit and corruption to the vision.

It is our lifelong test: have I cleared the past. If not, it will be repeated until we do clear it.

Judgements of parents are the worst and most impactful. What we judge in the parent we breed in the child.

Processing judgement is in the present moment. We might judge a colleague or friend or partner but really we are just projecting some past judgement onto them. In clearing judgement we clear the past and the future.

I spend significant focus in coaching making sure that the past is cleared. This is a journey. As we grow in life and business, the past can return. It’s therefore a continual duty to clear the past.

We must fight to love, Love is the opposite to judgement.