Vitality During Covid… and The Qi (key) to Life

During Covid it is easy to feel a bit run down as we put on weight and feel somewhat uncertain about the future. You may even feel some vitality start to ebb from your body and put it down to tiredness. It’s not.

But the real reason you may be experiencing lost vitality is because you are not getting enough sunshine. In sunshine there is vitality. It’s not the only source but a big one.

Check this in more detail…. here.

1. Qi obeys thought.

● One of the most remarkable discoveries of the yogi’s is that Qi obeys thought. To put it another way concentrated thought allows us to absorb a larger amount of Qi. In this connection Hatha yoga, of which Qiyama is the backbone, combines with Raja yoga the Yoga of the mind, since the mind can consciously direct absorption, storage and distribution of Qi in the body.

● Qi is the sum total of all the energy of the universe.

● Qi is undifferentiated universal energy, magnetism, electricity, gravity.

● We exist in an ocean of Qi where every living thing is a vortex

● Thought is a subtle form of Qi

● Qi exists in food, water, air, sunlight

● Qi penetrates where air cannot reach

● Without Qi there can be no life

● Vitality is a subtle form of Qi

● Qi plus spirit is form manifest

● Qi is stored in the nervous system, in the solar plexus

● Yoga can direct Qi

● Qiyama is the science of controlling Qi

● Qi is manifest everywhere there is movement, electrons around an atom, or the muscle of force.

● Life force is Qi

● The Yogic theory is that pranic quality is not dependant on the amount of oxygen or nitrogen but rather the amount or ratio of small to large ions.

● Therefore smoke, dust, chemical and any other airborne additive reduces pranic energy transference.

● The main source of smaller ions is from that electromagnetic generator the sun. Rocks, earth, water etc also but very small.

● Cosmic rays are another source. These do not fluctuate day and night like the sun

● Sea air is also highly ionised especially during evaporation.

● Sun bathing helps vitalise Qi

● We shed positive ions through the vaporisation of water. Sweat Cellular breathing == ionisation also occurs.

● Qi is not the raw material of life but the energy that activates it.

● Each cell is the seat of important pranic manifestations.

● This we can consider each cell a dynamo and the human body as a vast bioelectric system.

● Thus living tissue can be compared to an infinity of minute batteries

● Chinese acupuncture points have powerful electrical properties

● Tired equals flat batteries