It’s Time for a Change in Business Cultures: But How to Change Traditional Values of A Business Unit? – This Article: Building a Culture of Human Potential

Every tree has its low hanging fruit and every culture has its time worn unspoken agreements. It’s these unspoken rules of the game that resist change. They may belong to the old leadership team, they may even be a group of principles used in selection of staff, sort of a natural selection screening process. Or it could be that during Covid people have worked from home and started to get used to the 1 hour on 2 hours off typical home designed work schedule.

The pressure on CEO’s globally to strategically get their firms into good efficient change and play competitive strategy in emerging markets where demand has dropped and standards have risen is unprecedented. But this pressure is not held in the hands or minds of CEO’s, they, as they must, pass it down. Pass it down to where? To you.

You are facing more pressure than any single person in the history of humanity right now who has previously done your job. I want you to take a moment right now and consider this… Whoever did your job before was functioning at their peak at half the pressure you are under. Demands on you have trippled in just six months. You need to accelerate your process of leadership and management and you don’t have time for another MBA to work out how. The solution is executive coaching that evolves your process and generates new results. Here’s how…

  1. Work must become more results orientated. You will not survive under the old paradigm of process balancing results. The swing is to results at cost. I dare say “at any cost.”
  2. Frustration is the new metric of your performance. If you are frustrated upward toward your leadership then we are in good health. If you are frustrated at the sluggishness of those below you or reporting to you, then, you’re in need of a drastic overhaul of your leadership and management process.
  3. Your domestic life must be effective. If you are stressed at home, you will not have the pennies to spend at work. So, you’ll need an exercise routine, a loving attitude at home, some emergency facilities for sleepless nights and a series of red flags that self determine when you’re losing the business battle and letting it get under your fingernails. (read: frustrated at those below you or who report to you, peers)
  4. You need balance in the day not at the end. Old school mathematics used a slide ruler to do what is now automatically calculated by your phone with voice activation. You’ve adapted to technology well, but if you are still going to yoga or meditating morning and night to relieve the stress of the day, you may want to take a closer look at more technologically current process. Repairing a car when it breaks down is one way to look at meditation at the end of the day, but wouldn’t it be better to maintain the car and drive it so it doesn’t break down? Mobile meditation – turning up 110% might be a smarted more technologically logical approach.
  5. Incompetence at work is no longer measured in mistakes. Incompetence is measured in emotional outpourings of lowest common denominator fledglings in your team who scream like a stuck pig when they can’t manage a good day’s work and blame you for pushing them. The current Human Development models in business are fighting against you and you’ll need new skills and techniques other than training the ever resistant 50% of your workforce to no real change. The solution is simple. Liquid jobs….Fixed results. Move the people not the work.
  6. The Switch. Work comes home in your pocket. Phones ping at midnight. Early mornings, alcohol shut downs, using your spouse as a vending machine for advice. Mood swings, excessive emphasis on control at home. Headaches and back pain. These are all signs of a poorly functioning Switch. The on off switch for mind. Do you know that the very thinking that builds the best business is the same thinking that destroys families? Do you know where your switch is and what the difference between work and home mindset is? Best learn this fast.
  7. Dog eat Dog. The world is different. Brands are not stable. Business is still profit based. Something and someone is going to change. Less cost, less time, less human variables in generating results. Do not be one of them. Your efficiency in getting the results must never become a time topic. You will need to ask “how do I get more done in less time” over and over and over … but be aware… it’s not more of anything or everything… it’s more results. More sales, more outcomes, more results, more … but not more overhead, not more paperwork. How? Anything you do twice the same must become a system.
  8. Winning Mindset. The person at the top of the mountain did not fall there. So, when you’re doing your personal vision, ask one huge and critical question “WHAT AM I WILLING TO PAY FOR IT?” if the answer isn’t huge, you’re on the losing team before you even get out of bed. But never ever pay for it with time…. Pay with the frustration upward, pay with continual examination of “how you do it” pay with the disciplines of protecting your home life. Pay dearly for your wins, but use the right currency. Or else you’ll win with regret. And there’s no greater pain.
  9. Duality or singularity. There are those beautiful artistic and romantic souls amongst us who love duality. They are romantic and sexual and emotional, they love stories and poetry and art and music and joy and are without doubt the greatest parents for young kids because they actually are kids. Duality is the joy of story and emotion. Duality creates options, plan a and plan b, duality is a part of life. Singularity however is the zone in which productivity, efficiency, worry free work, confidence, love and health exist. Singularity is focus, flow, mindfulness, the art of the champion. If you are confused watch the Campbell sisters mess up the final of the 200 meters at Rio Olympics and then watch Michael Phelps or Usain Bolt perform. If you are still confused, have someone throw a baseball at you while you look at your iPhone. Stillness will become the new “enlightenment” and you might well be wise to invest in learning and teaching it, before you are left at the bus stop wondering why the bus left without you.

All of this is covered in your coaching sessions. A never ending journey of improvement, growth, strategic advantage, competitive strategy and life saving switching between home and work.