Sketch Pad Video Conversations – The Changing Dynamics of Business Leadership

It’s Time for a Change in Business Cultures: But How to Change Traditional Values of A Business Unit? – This Article: Building a Culture of Human Potential

Every tree has its low hanging fruit and every culture has its time worn unspoken agreements. It’s these unspoken rules of the game that resist change. They may belong to the old leadership team, they may even be a group of principles used in selection of staff, sort of a natural selection screening process. Or it could be that during Covid people have worked from home and started to get used to the 1 hour on 2 hours off typical home designed work schedule. 

The pressure on CEO’s globally to strategically get their firms into good efficient change and play competitive strategy in emerging markets where demand has dropped and standards have risen is unprecedented. But this pressure is not held in the hands or minds of CEO’s, they, as they must, pass it down. Pass it down to where? To you.