Staying Motivated…. Working From Home..

You wake. You’re tired. There’s things to do, including getting some exercise. The kids are awake. You put your head back on the pillow and remember Walker the Talker’s last podcast. You know it’s not happening. Maybe tomorrow. And of course, tomorrow never comes.

I’m lucky. My partner is a professional athlete who gets up at 4.00am every day rain, hail or shine. So, I do too. Self-motivation isn’t a topic. It’s automatic. But still, I love my mornings. However, I;m never motivated – I’m inspired.

Big difference…

Firstly, your can’t be inspired unless you’re motivated so let’s no put motivation in the rubbish just yet. You’ve got to be motivated because 50% of the time the things you do are necessity, repetitive and don’t feel great to do. But, if you don’t, there’s no inspiration possible.

So, inspiration builds on good motivation. To get motivated set goals, time frames, windows and jump through them. You engage that lower end of your humanity with check lists, no go zones and alarm clocks. Ok, now inspiration.

Inspiration is when the inner voice speaks louder than the outer. Today, my partner said “I’ll miss you today” and I replied “I won’t” (miss her that is), because that’s just not a part of being inspired in a day. I do what I do because I choose to do it over something else, so why would I miss anything?

Inspiration doesn’t come from habits. Habits build motivation. Clumsy., repeated claustrophobic habits are healthy for motivation. But that’s done so you can tap inspiraton.


Self motivation is a tricky thing. There are times when just getting out of bed can be difficult, let alone checking off everything on your ‘to do list’. Why is it we can find a million and one reasons not to do so something, and at the same time struggle to find even just one reason to follow through on what we really ought to be doing? All our actions and behaviours have underlying motivators – some just speak louder than others. The trick is to learn how to turn up the volume on what it is we need to accomplish and turn down the volume on distractions.

Maybe you need help staying focused enough to get all the little things done, or do you have something a bit bigger in mind? Is there a goal that you’ve been trying to reach but your plans keep getting derailed? Do you tend to start things only to run out of steam midway through, or is getting started part of the problem? Wouldn’t it be great to have the self motivation to tackle projects large and small without losing interest, running out of energy, or getting distracted? Inside you there is a great fount of motivation just waiting to be tapped into.

Motivation comes from our unconscious (subconscious) mind. This is why we can know on one level what it is that needs to be done and have every intention of doing it, yet still find ourselves drifting away from our goals. Something inside us is singing a different tune. We have to get our unconscious mind on board with our plans in order to maintain the motivation needed to get things done. Self hypnosis / hypnotherapy is one of the tools to achieve that, but really, I’ve tried it and I’m not a fan.

Because the “sub” conscious mind is below consciousness, many people think that it can’t be addressed directly. I disagree. And here’s why…

Put a child in a room with naughty children who punch and poke each other, that child will turn. Eventually they will seek safety either by retaliating in kind or by passive agrression and playing victim. Either way, they make it safe. Their subconscious mind worked perfectly. They didn’t need hypnosis or any intervention to become motivated to act. Here’s why.

Every human being has every human trait. No one got left out. Everyone is a murderous bastard and a saint. It’s all there. But the saint might deny the existence of the other half and call it, unspeakable. Then, something happens that makes that individual scream with anger and boom they will have to blame their subconscious mind for it. However, it’s not subconscious at all, it’s denial, judgement, rejection. If we reject a quality in a parent we reject it in ourselves and when we reject things in ourselves we go into denial. That’s not subciousness and all the hypnotherapy on earth will not uncover it.

Back to motivation.

Dangling a carrot in front of your nose of either punishment or pleasure for achieving an end is powerful, but there’s a much less exhausting process.

The Inspiration Process – Back on Track offers the fastest and most reliable way to make changes to our unconscious thinking, and thus to our behaviour. Imagine what it would be like to: Cross off items on your to-do-list with ease. Maintain energy, interest, and follow through. Be motivated to achieve your goals and more. Back on Track leads to the Daily Power Hour and is a form of deep and creative meditation. This self-leadership process ticks every box that leads to and sustains commitment toward goals without the loss of time or emotions dealing with motivation. It has been designed to help you discover and clearly define your goals. It includes advanced self-awareness techniques to help increase your energy levels and improve your focus. Back on track won’t make you super-inspired and motivated overnight, but within 30 days you’ll see everything differently, your to-do-lists can get shorter and projects can become easier to complete.

The Power Hour

  1. 10 minutes of Deep Morning Inspirations
  2. 20-30 minutes of exercise
  3. 10 minutes of linking
  4. 10 minutes of Manifestation
  5. 10 Minutes of mind control
  6. 10 Minutes at zero

For more information contact Chris Below