Beware the Pleasure Hunter

“If happiness is your focus for 2021 – then these posters are really important.

However, I’d suggest that “happiness is overrated” might be a better poster.

here’s why…

As a life coach, I see the emotional pain, the obesity, the sadness such ambition causes. Instead, I’d say happiness might be one of the many outcomes that can drop out of a commitment to something more powerful – more real – less pain causing.

To achieve that alternative requires some discipline, something that the ambition for happiness bypasses at every opportunity. So, the quest for happiness is at the core of all mental health pain, all corruption and worse, all self harm and its friend, regret. And the pain of regret always outweighs the pain of discipline. So, for new year resolutions, avoid always and never, the language of extreme happiness targets, and, instead, set a goal that’s going to hurt. Then, break it down and commit to doing daily, what will cause that goal.

A goal without commitment is the fluff of happiness pursuit. Seven areas of life, seven goals, plus one big mt Everest for 2021. No regret and let happiness come from achievement, less pain, more gain this way. Happy new year …. I don’t think so, great, brilliant, shining, transformational, inspired new year – enjoy.”

Beware of the signals when you meet people who declare their goals in pleasure language. This always signifies trouble and a troubled soul will hunt pleasure thinking it is a fixed and permanent outcome of their endevor. It isn’t.

For yourself pick achievements, as goals and allow the pleasure or whatever flows from it to inspire you. This is wiser.