A human body with no energy is dead. Human body filled with energy is alive. There is no need to make things complicated. Sometimes our body is less energy than others. And sometimes it is more but unsustainable. And so the science of building and maintaining energy in your body is a very critical one.

Every single cell of the human body has its own energy centre. When the cells of the body operates in collaboration you feel fantastic and strong and there is a sense of presence around you. People want to be around a person whose cells in their body are in for collaboration with each other because they feel the energy and presents of that person and they trust that. But if we are fragmented and we have 1 foot turning to the left and 1 foot turning to the right, confusion in the brain and overwhelm in our lives we have the cells of our body in a nuclear war within us. And that two can be felt.

It is true to say that human beings evolve at the border of order and chaos. When we experience order we experience the collaboration of all the cells in our body united in one singular direction. But when we experience extremes of chaos this is really evidence that our mind might be going in a different direction to our body and our body might be going in a different direction to our spirit and so we will become this walking talking fragmented exhausted human being. So this whole topic of building energy in your body comes down to one single topic and that is the management of chaos.

Given that we all evolve at the border of chaos and order 50% of what we experience in our lives can be defined as chaos. The opportunities to become fragmented and dysfunctional because of chaos are therefore infinite and never stop no matter whether you live in a Zen retreat or a bush hut you will experience chaos. How you handle that chaos, that determines whether you build energy or destroy it.

If I asked you what would be the best way to train an airline pilot, would you recommend that I trained them in how to handle disasters or train them in how to prevent them. Yes you’ll agree there’s a little bit of both got to happen because they can be unpredicted circumstances. But on the whole you would cry if I suggested that all the training we do was in handling disasters. It is so much easier to work on prevention than cure. And this is the case with chaos as well.

We can’t avoid chaos in our life but we can turn it around very quickly back to order. Once that cat is out of the bag and it starts to breed itself, chaos introduces itself to other people and next thing you know we have a flow on effect of chaos in our lives that causes significant backlash. It also makes it very hard to turn it back to order because like a virus it starts a whole chain reaction. So the quicker we can see order in the chaos the better we are and the more energy we build from doing it. The slower we are at seeing order in the chaos the more stressed we will be and the more energy we will burn. So to build energy we need to see order in the chaos.

There are those people who would rather coat the world in leather than wear sandals. Instead of seeing order in chaos they would rather go out there and hammer anybody who causes it. They hammer their children and they hammer their partner and they have the people at work who make their world chaotic. That is an ever diminishing spiral of no return. Because there is no end to the number of people who can introduce chaos. And there’s just so much hammering you can do before energy runs out. So rather than try to hammer down people who cause you chaos it’s a really smart process to see order in the chaos and eliminate the need to waste time hammering.

We are going to call this ability to see order in the chaos as wisdom. It’s a very very rare commodity in the world because people think that they think they don’t think.

There are also many philosophies that will suggest they understand what’s going on in the world and you should follow them without question. I for one am not a great believer in this having lived in many places where the teachers of those philosophy are not walking the talk and collected the information that they’re selling in a cornflakes packet. It is very easy to create a philosophy that people subscribe to, all you have to do is go around asking people what is hurting and what is their fear and create a solution to it and you will have a philosophy that gets followed. If I wanted to do that I would be a billionaire by now.

When I looked around the world and asked how do I turn order into chaos I searched high and low on mountain tops and out in the oceans I read books and asked people and attended all sorts of university courses until such time as I realised the keys were already in my pocket. So they are also in your pocket. They are not your ego nor are they any thought process that you currently have that you may be using to put order in your chaos that is your ego. Your ego cannot put order in the chaos it creates. And therefore these keys are nature.

The great thing about nature as a teacher and a philosophy is that it’s the same here in Sydney as it is down there in Melbourne. It’s the same in a Muslim country as it is in a Christian country. It’s the same in a war-torn Third World country as it is in New York City. Nature is the ultimate in philosophy because it doesn’t change because people wrote a book about it. It doesn’t change because someone says it came from somewhere that you shouldn’t question. Nature stands up to all questions. But the interpretation of how nature is progressing along it’s happy way for the last billion years and for the next billion years falls into the hands of those people who think they know better. But if you understand the universal laws you understand nature and you won’t be caught up in that tripe and rhetoric.

So by the end of the next 30 days you are going to understand, if you choose, natures universal laws and if you decide one day to go and visit the moon or Mars with virgin airlines or Elon Musk you will find the same laws that govern our world here and your world at home exist out there too. If you one-day decide to become a micro surgeon and operate on the cells of the human body and then another day decide to become an airline pilot you will find the same laws that you learn here the universal laws apply throughout everything you do. You will also find them in business leadership and relationships.

Every single time you apply a universal law to something what you do is cause a thing called gratitude. Gratitude is the witnessing of beauty and when you witness beauty and something your energy grows. When you are critical or disappointed or your expectations don’t get met you become ungrateful and you become what is called an energy sucker. You’re going to learn all about that in the following days. During your coaching session for this week we are going to talk about the five universal laws of nature and use them to build your energy. You are going to become a Guru at turning chaos into order. Others won’t understand. They will be running around like headless chickens trying to work out how to fix things that don’t need to be fixed. You on the other hand will have the keys in your pocket.

Finally, the great thing about the universal laws is that the book is nature. You don’t have to go to a library or just walk out and sit under a tree and look up make sure you don’t get pooped on by a bird. You can ask yourself about the growth of the tree, a business, a person or anything and you will find the same laws that exist in nature apply and cannot be avoided. Human free Will thinks it can avoid these things, and so we have to deal with our own and other peoples egos. But egos are also part of nature is universal laws and you’ll see how to put order in the chaos inhuman dynamics as well as the world at large.

Result of all this is that your energy will build. And then your job will become to protect it. Because the world is full of energy suckers, doubting people who have only to put other people down in order to suck their energy. You will need to learn how to defend your building stores but you will also need to learn how to not waste it, to store it, and then lastly to direct it into those things that make a difference to the lives of those you care for. Ultimately this is called leadership.

Wishing you well for the next 30 days,

With spirit


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