Self Awareness

So now we have come to the point where you will be able to describe your major goals and your minor goals. We are not suggesting here that this is in anyway the end of the goalsetting journey. But if you have kept up with the daily work we have done so far which should really account for about 30 minutes of reading and listening and about 20 minutes of homework you will be 100% ready to give it a first cut.

Vision and goalsetting are listed in the world as the single most common thread for success. Many of us prefer not to write those goals down, which is completely understandable, if we don’t have confidence in ourselves or the process of goalsetting. This is not wrong. However, when the proverbial hits the fan and we are discombobulated, having tangible written goals builds the resilience to get us through any mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, financial, career, family challenge. So the following process in today’s homework, is one of the most energy sustaining an energy building exercises you can do.

Consistency in life may sound boring. But consistency in life allows the freedom to play. A person who has consistent vision and goals that are driven from it Camplay to their hearts content because they are building while enjoying. A person who does not write down their vision or their goals and constantly work to improve them, will have the same appetite to play, which is the main reason that they have not written their goals and vision, but their Play will become their enemy. The pain of regret always outweighs the pain of discipline.

To this and I would encourage you to give the following sheets a try. You may feel in authentic, that’s okay, it’s just a first cut. We will be working together on this online and I will coach you through the process of authenticity in goalsetting and vision. But this first step becomes your attempt. We are not going to make this attempt public, nor announce it to anybody other than me. So please feel free to dive in and give it your best.

There are four substitutes in life for the energy that is required for life. Those are food, greed, sex, and ironically, spirituality. People go to these substitutes when they feel exhausted or depleted. Life has a habit of exhausting us and depleting us. But the main cause of that exhaustion and depletion is uncertainty of the future. There is nothing we can do about the variables that may cause us to become uncertain about the future. Coverd was a great example. There was nothing we could do to change the intrusion on our lives and our futures, from Covid. However, the person with a vision, with goals that are connected to that vision, survived and actually thrived on that period. And so you can see that this ingredient of energy making is a really big Secret to a good happy and healthy life. Especially at work and at home. But the impact is also felt in your health.

I am now going to take you through the following sheets on the audio alone. Please make sure that you have your sheets printed or on your computer ready to start work as we go through them.

Turning to the sheet getting clear on your goals you will see two columns one is for draft goals and the other is smart refined goals. The word smart is a acronym. The letter S is for specific. The letter M is for measurable. The letter a is for achievable. R. is for relevant. And the T is for time bound. This is a scientific and well proven acronym.

so when you see the heading smart it doesn’t mean that you need to be in goal setting. You have already done the work for column one in day for by looking at the gap between your VIP score and 10 out of 10. So now you can apply that information to column one. Once you’ve done that see if you can have a go at writing that goal using the acronym smart. That means that you’re going to give yourself a time to get it done, a way to measure it, steps to achieve it and so on. The goal overall is to achieve 10 out of 10 in each of the seven areas of life right now. Maybe give yourself three months.

Given that you now have a sheet with smart goals on it for the next three months also turn to the next sheet which is your mount Everest. You’ve already done the work in this by stretching yourself in the previous day to think what would I love to be do and have in the seven areas of life in 12 months or two years. So simply choose one of those big goals that you have for the next 12 months and make it your primary goal your Mount Everest. Then where it’s written other key goals are right the other six goals. Now you are starting to develop a focal point around your vision.

the next sheet is monthly and weekly goals. And for those of you doing this program who are struggling with mental health or emotional health, this may push you a little bit. What it requires is rational thinking. Which seems to go on holidays when we are emotionally stressed, financially stressed, mentally stressed, family stressed and stressed at work. Rational thinking goes out the window under the pressure of stress which is a little bit sad because rational thinking is the solution. So challenge yourself here to choose the next month of your life, write down a month goal, break that goal down into week one all the way to week five, and make sure you fill out the column which is reward.

one of the exercises you were going to do later in the program is called self talk. Self talk is the basis of all human psychology. It is also the foundation of sport psychology. Sport psychology is where I have hacked this concept. We talk to ourselves continuously. And if that talk is a never-ending barrage of it’s not good enough, we become defeated. As an example of this my colleague who is a sports psychology lecturer at University and was the Olympic coach for shooting and archery, has coached many of the worlds top tennis players in sports psychology. He was asked to coach a young boy who seem to be a tennis prodigy but was vulnerable to massive fits of rage when he made errors. The solution my colleague presented was that every time this boy hit a shot that was successful he was to shout out very loud hooray, of course this was in place only for practice, and when he hit one that was an error he was to scream out boo. At first the boy refused to yell out hurray but willingly shouted out boo for errors. But after some encouragement he started to scream hurray and what he found was that there was a 90% hurray percentage and 10% boo. With more time it became 95% hurray and 5% boo. What it makes us appreciate is that we are very hard on ourselves. Everybody seems to be willing to accept the hurray as to be expected and the booze become the only thing that get acknowledged. But this is no way to become a champion individual. But we’re going to talk about that a whole lot more later.

In the workbook you will see a few more sheets of exactly the same layout as the one we’ve just been through and those are for next month and the next etc. See if you can develop the goalsetting habit. The key here, in case all this complexity has overwhelmed you, is that you will eventually have one major goal and a bunch of less major goals. That is really important because when we negotiate time with ourselves and others we must understand that when we do not focus on our major goal and start focusing on our less major goals we can sometimes give ourselves a very hard time. And nobody beats us up more than we beat ourselves up.

so that’s it for day five of your 30 day challenge. We are going to come back to this topic later on and we will clean up all the vision setting and goalsetting material by the end of the 30 days. But right now we have done the most important step in building energy. But there are many more.

with spirit,


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