Here is a checklist which I think would be wise to go through and markdown where do you think you are wasting energy. We cannot give what we haven’t got and so it becomes apparent that sometimes we burn energy just like a aeroplane dumps fuel if it’s going to do an emergency landing, because we can’t think of how we gonna use it in a productive way.

It is an extraordinary concept. The people who have not got a clear vision of the future, or have lost hope for the future, start to find ways to burn petrol. They do it through anxiety, worry, sitting around, talking too much, eating and 1000 more ways. But most importantly they start to drain the energy of those around them to. And the reason they drain that energy is not for their own benefit but to keep people ensnared in their uncertainty. It is the most extending realisation. That sometimes by being sympathetic to a person who has become exhausted through wasting energy we enable them to stay stuck and become wounded ourselves. This is particularly true in business but it happens in relationships as well. The concept of rescuing people from their personal drama should be considered to be one of the most dangerous things we can do in life. Far more dangerous than bungee jumping.

So I’m going to present to you a list of those things the drain your energy and see if any of them can be adjusted in your life. If not place a tick in the box if so place across. We are going to work together to improve those areas of your life where you believe, through the art of trying to do good you are actually burning your own petrol and enabling others to remain unconscious of their own problems.

Once we have this list I will introduce you in the next phase to the Chris Walker power hour. Based on 35 years of hacking different ways to defend ourselves from energy sucking influences including those we have become habitually addicted to I’ve created this idea that you can in just 30 minutes to 1 hour a day, keep yourself 100% on track energetically and in the seven areas of life. I’m going to introduce you to each step over the next days but for now let’s just get a good idea as to where you maybe currently wasting petrol. Please download the PDF attached and marked it up as either something you do do, or don’t do.

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