we go in the direction of our dominant port. So what do you think about you bring about.

this works as you’ll see in week four in the manifestation process to cause what we want. But it could also backfire.

you were talking about your ex partner, somebody you don’t like at work, something bad that might happen to you in the future, or even bitching about the fact you lost on the races last week, you are bringing Badluck. It’s not really bad luck it’s just you talking about something that you eventually bring about.

a person who continually complains about their children or about their ex partner is going to bring on themselves more and more trouble. Your mind has no idea whether the thing you’re thinking about is what you want or what you don’t want. Scientific studies have shown that the brain does not hear the word not. So if you say I don’t want something your brain actually hears, I want something.

the science of all this is called placebo. One of the most extraordinary books I’ve ever read is a book called placebo. In this book they do experiments with people like telling them that a pill is made of sugar and that it is not a headache pill but if they take it it will cure their headache and even when a person knows that this is just a sugar pill the headache gets better. What we think about we bring about.

what we fear comes near. So thinking about what we fear which is the most common thing people do, makes the thing with fear more likely to happen. So if you find yourself entertaining others by talking about what’s going wrong in your life and how you’re worried about something and how this might happen and that might happen take a good look in the mirror because it’s about time you stopped.

continue doing that with all the work you’re doing in the 30 day challenge you are really really pushing a blockage in front of your face and saying I don’t feel worthy of the outcome I’ve chosen. I really hope that you can see how powerful it is to stop talking about thinking about bringing about shit that you don’t want to have happened in your life.

we’ve talked about positive self talk. That’s how to focus on the stuff you want to bring about. But what do we do about things that keep niggling in the back of our brain. I remember the night before keynote speech is before larger of the large audience and my brain kept going over what could go wrong in that presentation. I tried all sorts of Zen techniques and different methodologies but the ultimate one that only worked was the

on a page in your workbook there is a stop sign. It is really wise to stare at the stop sign until with your eyes open you can visualise it in front of your eyes any time you want. When you start thinking about things the stop sign can be the firewall that stops the process. This is called willpower and yes you may have been weakened in your willpower in the past but now it’s time to regain it and say I don’t want to manifest stuff that I don’t want.

every time you think of negative thought or you want to talk about something that’s bad or bring up something that shouldn’t have happened that could’ve happened you need to put up the stop sign. No excuses. After a little bit of practice it starts to work. You can also do this when other people ask you how’s your ex. You can say don’t want to talk about it. Simple as that. The only person that you can pull the stop sign down and have a chat about something in the negative realms of life is me because I will take you down that path a little bit then kick you back some Toughlove onto the straight and narrow. Believe me when I say that you can find people who have sat in meditation for 20 years and still can’t stop a negative thought when it happens. Sitting in meditation makes your mind week. So if you are meditating and you’re doing this course maybe you want to chat with me about techniques that can make you very strong in the mind rather than soft and fluffy and therefore vulnerable to negativity.

the process can’t be simpler. When you find yourself beating yourself up or beating up somebody else or thinking something negative, instead of giving yourself a hard time or chanting away and spewing this information out all over the carpet put up a stop sign. Visualise that fork in the road going left with a stop sign and a fork in the road going right with a go sign.

We have an expression that when you pull out a weed plant a flower. It’s a pretty good thing to say to yourself because when you stop a negative thought with a stop sign you need it immediately create a positive thought to replace it. For example you might be thinking she’s awful, you put up a stop sign, stop thinking it and then you add that house over the other side of the street is really beautiful. Or you might be thinking oh jeez I’m really sad because my team lost the footy and you put up a stop sign and say wow that’s a beautiful sunset isn’t it. You don’t have to replace like with like. Simply putting up a stop sign blocks the negative and then find something very quickly that’s in your proximity to focus on that’s positive. As you get better at it you’ll be able to focus on something positive to do with your vision. But in the meantime just pick a fly on the wall and say wow isn’t that clever.

you might have noticed from the introduction to this program that I’ve been married a few times and there’s a few relationships I fail to mention however, each and every ending was painful. None of them was super easy most of them ended up with tears in my part anyway. I mean I chose to finish those relationships but I was really sad. The easiest thing to do at the end of one of those relationships is the blame that person and think about all the things that are bad about them in order to make it easy to be away from them. But using the stop sign technique forbid me from doing so. Either I had to think good things about that person and release them with gratitude or I don’t think about something else completely different. Either way filling my mind with toxic thoughts about how bad somebody was would just make my own life worse.

this is not shallow. When I was in New York and my view at my office window was straight down the barrel of the world trade centre as it got hit by an aeroplane my mind wanted to think like everybody else all of the dark noxious thoughts of hate. But I put up a stop sign. I forbid myself are going down that path and chose a different direction. As a result of the shift in thinking I was able to help thousands of people who had collapsed. I went around to fire stations giving empathy and compassion to people. Mostly in the form of loving hugs to men whose hearts were smashed. This might sound trivial to you but for me it was a good result of a stop sign that said don’t hate just find a positive to focus on and I did.

one day in Canada I had completed the training to do a Sundance. I attended the ceremony but the night before had a dream which told me to not become initiated as a pipe carrier. This shamed the entire reservation and community that had open their hearts and mind against a lot of resistance from others of the traditional variety to let me be part of the community. It was an ultimate mark of respect they were showing me. But as a result of not going through with the ceremony and having been allowed to infiltrate and become par of the inner sanctum of this ritual, there were many who believed I had deliberately and corruptly disrespected and indigenous tradition. As a result of this I became in the crosshairs of some fairly aggressive individuals. And one day I was run out of town in my car driving as fast as I could to escape some people in a pick up truck with guns. I know it sounds dramatic. Maybe it’s only half true I don’t know I was driving so fast. As a result of this all the work I’ve done in many communities was left unfinished. It was easy for me to think of these nasty men as being ugly and rude and cruel and violent but I put up a stop sign and respected them. I just focused on something new. I turn my mind to the Himalayas and to other things that I was doing around the world. At first people think that you are being ignorant or denying some reality but the bottom line is it’s a stop sign for thinking negative that will take you down a path that you sometimes cannot get back from.

put your mind to the stop sign while you’re listening to this. Close your eyes and visualise it. Use it whenever you need.

with spirit


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