the degree to which you store energy in your body and build up your personal presence and therefore your personal power is measured identically side-by-side with the consistency of your gratitude in all seven areas of life.

I have created a process called the discard form. This discard form can take any situation you are facing and turn it into gratitude. No matter whether the sun rises in the western sets in the east you can be thankful. Your gratitude represents your attitude.

if you are continually ungrateful for something or someone and their behaviour the only person that is going to impact in the end is you. You are going to become depleted. Gratitude stores energy in gratitude sinks it.

now I’ve heard every argument under the sun as to why a person should not be thankful for another human beings behaviour. Some of those situations are socially incapable of being acceptable but the individual remains the prisoner of that situation until they can rise above it with gratitude. So no matter how bad your situation, I promise you I have dealt with worse and people have been humbled to gratitude and moved on.

there are many many many references to gratitude on the Internet and even Oprah Winfrey sells the product well. The most amazing thing about gratitude is it’s free and the resistance to it comes at a huge cost that people are determined to remain angry or separate from somebody so they refuse to become grateful. Again the only person ingratitude impact in the end is the individual who is holding onto it because it sucks their energy dry. The cemetery is filled with ungrateful people.

today I would love you to be brave and on the page of the workbook titled the worlds biggest battery I would like you to list down all over that page or on a separate page anyone or anything that you are struggling to be thankful for. You can include; ex partner, parents, friend, Adolf Hitler, Pol Pot, terrorism, sharks or whatever and we will give our very best try at moving past ingratitude and move you into a grateful state. Remembering that being grateful for something doesn’t validate it.

you may be grateful for some things about somebody but I’m grateful for others and I would like to know what those things are that you are still ungrateful for in the world. Don’t be afraid to list them down. We are going to work through it and then burn the sheet of paper forever.

it’s now a good time for me to introduce you to the seven levels of human being. This image in front of you is an image of the human mind and the development of human consciousness. At the bottom of the pyramid you will see the cellular brain that got to thinking fight flight bipolar ism. In this state of mind that can be love but it will be a brutal form of love extremely polarised. Highly sexual and quite violent. We go up through the seven levels of the evolution from the first cell that was ever in existence on the planet all the way up to the spiritual evolution of a non-body human being. You get to choose which of these levels you function at in the human mind. Each of them has its function but the lower you go on the pyramid the lower you go in the socio-economic spectrum of life. The only thing that raises you up through this hierarchy of months states is gratitude. To go from the bottom to the top become grateful. If you find yourself ungrateful you can go from the bottom to the top slowly over 30 years or you can go in 30 minutes using the discard form.

the difference between a person at the bottom and a person at the top is a choice. If you choose to live in a got to should or need to state of mind that has nothing to do with people or circumstances or being a victim in life it is a choice and you are gaining some form of pleasure out of hanging out in that rough-and-tumble zone of existence. Maybe you love the physical world maybe you love to be a victim maybe you love to feel like somebody else is to blame for your life but this is a choice and you are choosing it if you remain in a got to should or need to state of mind.

I’m here to help you go from Got to to love to. But I can’t walk around blowing whistles in your brain every 30 seconds when you go to a got to state. It’s easy to react to stuff and be ungrateful, it’s easy to react to stuff and be primal, it’s easy to react and become polarised against or for something. It’s easy to gravitate down to become at about the consciousness of a gorilla. It takes work to rise up and I’m here to help you rise up but I cannot do the work. You have to do the work. You do the work by doing the discard form. There is no other process nothing else to do and all the love letters in the world will not sustain themselves if you can’t go from Got to to love too quickly.

significantly at this point I would love to say to you that sustaining a life in a choose to or love to state of mind is not possible. We evolve at the border of chaos and order. Chaos is what we are not thankful for. And therefore every time you move one thing up to love to you build energy, and more chaos comes that you can move to love to so that you can build my energy and that potential energy, stored energy becomes your ability to do something you want to do in the world and make the money and the life and the love you would love to achieve. If you keep burning your petrol, dumping out at sea by going into ungrateful states of mind then you will have no petrol available to manifest the things you want. 100% from today forward and after learning the discard form you can hold yourself fully accountable for storing energy and building your power in the world. And people around you will feel it because you will be balanced, centred and calm no matter what happens you will stay grateful.

to close I would love you to do an exercise tomorrow, or today if you are listening to this in the morning. I have a little game that I play which is called Lucky FKR. This is how the game is played. Without speaking those words out loud you walk around for an entire day doing your work and looking after the kids and going to the business and getting your exercise saying to yourself for every single thing that happens no matter what it is “I’m a lucky FKR” you can even make it a song. But the important thing is in this game is that a continually makes you smile because you say you’re that lucky person no matter what happens and then you have to work out why. Sometimes you won’t even know why you just have to say those words. So for the day your homework is one list down all the things you can’t be grateful for the people places and things so we’ve got some work to do together and secondly to do the lucky FKR.

Ready for an attitude change?


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