OCTOBER FEST #12 Vision, Inspiration Purpose (big game and small)


Good afternoon, wherever you are. This is Chris. And today we’re talking about vision, inspiration, and purpose. The three steps to life and vision. We create a vision in what used to be called the old goal settings mode. And the reason we have a vision is because we’ve got to know whether we’re on track or off. We need to take out of our head what we really want in life. We need to put it on a piece of paper or somewhere you can stamp it into concrete for all it matters and tell yourself, this is what I want to create. Now, one of the things about creating a vision is that it needs to be holistic.

There’s no use ending up CEO of yourself and being really inspired if in the process your health or your finances or your mental health goes down the toilet. So we create a holistic vision, and the most important about a vision is that we link what we are doing to it. So in other words, if I think I’m doing something which is not linked to my vision, I will really find it hard to be motivated. So there’s the first one. The second one is inspiration. Inspiration is the ability to be here in this moment, right now, right now, doing this thing. And that’s where high performance comes from.

So when we’re inspired, we really are switched on. That’s the on switch for life. Inspired means I’m here in this moment doing something Now, presuming that I’ve linked what I’m doing to my vision, all that’s left for me to do is concentrate. Now, concentration on something requires what’s called enthusiasm. So you gotta be like really into it to do it and to be enthusiastic. We really need the ultimate enthusiasm, which is inspiration. Inspiration means we are telling ourselves we’re doing a great job. We’re driving ourselves into what we are doing. We are holding focus. We are believe in ourselves, we believe in what we’re doing.

And all of that comes down to doing a great job or being a great performance in sport, or what they call being in the zone. So there is a process for that. The further we sink away from being inspired with what we do, the more likely mental health, emotional health problems will emerge. So vision sets the future, inspiration sets the present. Now it’s all very small picture because we’re talking about me, me, me, I, my i, me, my vision, my inspiration, my thing, what I do, what I get from it, what I give from it. And it’s a very intense environment where in some ways our belief system constrains or controls exactly how we do what we do and the vision we create.

So to add context to this, which is big picture thinking, we create a purpose. Now, a purpose in some senses connects you to something beyond yourself. Now, whether you call that A God or an a or a Buddha or a, or a universe or nature as I do, it doesn’t really matter. But there are rules of the game that are far wiser than the vision inspiration rules. We know how to manifest vision. That’s called the manifestation project process, mind control. We know how to drive with inspiration, which is enthusiasm and self talk.

But the question is, can we contextualize those? And the way we contextualize those is with a sense of purpose, which is kind like what’s our job in this big universe? That in which we are a mosquito, and the universe is heard of elephants. So we’re trying to give ourselves in our small story, a big connection to a big story. And we do that through purpose. Once we know our purpose, we say, My purpose is this, because that’s given to me in the, in the role I play in the universe. But my vision and my inspiration are mine. That’s how it works. I hope yours is clear. My name’s Chris B for now.

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